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2014 WORLD CUP: Yobo Has No Business in Keshi’s Squad to Brazil, Says Laloko

 Super EaglesFormer Technical Director of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Chief Kashimawo Laloko,
has dismissed the invitation of Captain Joseph Yobo to the Super Eagles, insisting that the Fenerbahce defender on loan at English Premiership club, Norwich is a spent force.
“What is Yobo coming to do that he has not done. If (Stephen) Keshi puts him in the team, he’ll regret it.
“The man is old. He has done enough and I think he should go and rest,” Laloko insisted at the weekend.
Laloko said: “My answer is no! There’s so much pressure on Keshi to take Yobo. Yobo is overspent.
“Keshi would remember that I was the one who invited Yobo to Malaga to start his career and the year 2000 to date is 14 years,” Laloko told NAN in Abeokuta.
On the N1.6 billion grant approved for the Super Eagles preparation and participation at the World Cup in Brazil, Laloko advised the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), to judiciously use the money on the reason it was released.
Laloko said in Abeokuta that the money should not be spent on a “jamboree”.
“For me, I think the reason the Federal Government has done this is to encourage the preparation of the NFF for Brazil 2014 but did they require a special grant?
“Are they going to use it well? What is special: a special grant for what?
“I hope that money will not serve as a jamboree to Brazil just for us to come home with nothing,” Laloko said.
He said there should be a clear-cut proposal on how the money should be spent.
“I will suggest strongly that the NFF should sit down and do proper planning and give us a proposal on how it will spend the money.
“If it’s a special grant, then we must know how they are going to spend it, but if it is just going to be the lavish way, we have been spending our money, it will not be nice.
“The money has come now, everybody in the NFF will be jostling for his or her way to Brazil and that will not help anybody,” concludes Laloko.

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