High Price For Sex: Men Who Take Prostitutes Home Share Their Stories

The police officer asks a middle-aged woman sarcastically: “Did he pop you?” Apparently uncomfortable with the presence of a small crowd that had gathered, she was reluctant to answer the question. But the man at the centre of the matter roundly denied the accusation. The sex hawker he brought home the previous night had alleged that he slept with her and refused to pay for services rendered all night long. He told the policemen who arrested him that he refused to pay her because he dozed off without touching her, due to excessive booze. It was obvious he did not convince the police because the prostitute was asked the same question again and replied: “He popped me.”

This was despite the man insisted, “I didn’t have sex with her and I can’t pay for what I did not eat.”

The incident was one of the endless stories of men who go home with sex hawkers but end up with ugly experiences. Checks reveal that the fear of prostitutes who agree to go home with their randy male clients is the beginning of wisdom for most night crawlers. For the cautious among these men, they sleep with one eye open, mindful that the bag of most call-girls are usually loaded with weapons of ‘mass destruction’ including razor blades, powdery substances that could be charms or drugs, and knives that come handy when a client proves difficult. For the uninformed, the drugs come useful when the hawker wants to put her host to sleep to enable her steal and escape.

Narrating his experience with a woman of easy virtue that he brought home one night, a man, Osas Ife [not real name], said: “These days, many prostitutes are not after sex or even their fees because for most of them, the fee is not enough.

“They can go any length to steal from the man who took them home. We [men]are after sex while they are strategizing on how to poison you, get your money and disappear. They want to get rich quickly, which makes them more devilish than armed robbers.

“When you call a hooker to join you, you need to observe whether she is the kind of person that doesn’t take much drink because she might have a plan. While others are drinking and enjoying themselves, she keeps her head because she has a target – to loot. She came home with you, to drug you because maybe, she has an urgent financial need to meet. When you bring her to your house, she would take her bath before you. Then, as a man of the house, you would go to take your bath, and while you are still inside the bathroom, she would take a bottle of drink from your bar and drug it. She would pretend to like that particular drink and insist that both of you drink it.

“But the moment you drink it, she would quickly reject it, knowing you have consumed much, and demand for a different drink.

“I had been drugged by a prostitute, and before I woke up, she disappeared. She ransacked my house and made away with some of my expensive items and a friend’s belongings that I had to pay for.”

Osas was not the only one that had the ugly encounter with women of easy virtues. Ade, who pleaded to use only his first name, told story of a man duped at prominent hotel at Ajao-Estate recently.

“In the game between us and prostitutes, interests differ because they are after money, not for sex these days. Many of them have one thing at the back of their mind – how to drug you and take your money. Often times, they want to dupe you in order to attend to urgent needs either at school or their homes. They can eliminate you, to achieve their aim. It is really a cat and dog game. You really need to shine your eyes when you are with them because they can do anything. They always know why they came.

“Last week, we were in a hotel at Ajao-Estate, when one man narrated his experience in the hands of a prostitute. He said he met the girl at Ikeja and took her to an apartment where he spent three days with her. Listening to the man’s different calls from his business partners, the hooker realized that he does not live in Nigeria. Moreover, he counted his money in her presence because, according to him, the girl looked very decent.

“One day, the man came home with N500,000 that he couldn’t pay into his bank and kept the money in his bag. Later, he invited her downstairs for a drink but the call girl said she was too tired to move out of the room. The man went downstairs and before he came back to the room, the girl had gone with the money he kept in the wardrobe.

“I opened the bag of a prostitute who came to my house some time ago. Do you know what I saw? Razor blade and white substance that I suspect, was drug. I refused to go and take my bath after her because of the fear of the unknown”, he stated.

Also, Ayo and his friend recalled how they were locked inside their room for refusing to pay a prostitute they took home after heavy drinking. “My friend and I went out to drink and after taking some bottles, we decided to go home with a prostitute. When we got home, my friend and I took our bath but she told us she did not need a bath. Apparently due to the heavy drink, we soon fell asleep without touching her, and the next day, she insisted that we must pay her, whereas we had paid her madam. While we were still on bed, arguing with her, she walked out of the room and locked us inside. It was our shout for help that attracted my neighbours who begged her before she opened the door. She threatened to throw away the keys and make us spend the whole day inside the room.

“My advice is, if you are going home with any of them, you must be smart and sharp. I didn’t pay her because we gave her madam N5000,” Ayo said.

Another victim, who identified himself as Bright, narrates how a fight erupted between him and a sex worker and he was forced to pay for services not rendered: “I am not the drinking type because I can’t drink more than one bottle and a half. Whenever I drink above my limit and I take a prostitute home, I can’t perform. On this particular occasion, I returned with one of them but I hardly touched her in the night because I was weak to the bone.

“She begged for it but I told her that I had no strength. She even came on top of me, yanked down my trousers and tried to arouse me but to no avail. The next morning, she demanded for her fee but I reminded her that I didn’t shag her at night. We had a serious fight before neighbours separated us and advised me to pay her. Unknown to me, she had stolen some of my belongings. It was after she left that I discovered that some things were missing. Up till now, I have not set my eyes on that prostitute. I still go out to sleep with them, but I hardly bring them home because that one thought me a lesson. Each time I bring them to my house, I sleep with one eye closed while the other is open enough to watch her,” Bright said.

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