I am Pregnant For My Boyfriend’s Brother – What Do I Do?

Pregnant LadyKen is 39. He is single and there is no lady in his life. His mother had threatened to disown him if by the time he clocks 40. He isn’t with a wedding band. She is tired of constantly reminding him about the urgent need to marry, have children that would carry on the family name and grandchildren to keep her company. Not one to keep too many female friends, his mother felt he had a huge problem when she noticed he found it difficult to chat up women. All Ken is interested in is his job. He was a marketing manager of a fast moving consumer good. His job requires him to be air borne most of the time, travelling from city to city to check up on stocks, warehouses and the likes.

At first his mother thought that his frequent trips was a major contributing factor to his unmarried state but all these thoughts vanished when she personally attended the wedding of two of his close friends who equally had jobs similar to his. Taking his mother’s threats seriously, he promised to do something to rectify the situation.
So the frantic search for the person he could start a relationship and later walk down the aisle with began in earnest. He soon got introduced to Linda, a fresh graduate who was awaiting posting for the National Youth Service Corps.

He wasted no time in telling her what his mission was – marriage. But Linda wasn’t quite interested because marriage wasn’t her priority. She wanted to get to know him better before they hit it off with a relationship and take it to a point where she could now take a decision.

He consented to her wish and immediately took her home to his mother for introduction as his wife-to-be without her consent. Of course Linda got furious but managed to mask her anger until they were both out of his mother’s sight and hearing range. Thus the relationship took off on a shaky note but gradually, it began to stabilise and she grew to like him. One evening, Ken’s younger brother, Jeff, dropped by to say hello to his brother. With the exchange of pleasantries and introduction done with, Jeff and Linda got talking like they had known each other for years.

The same also applied to Linda who instantly liked Jeff and immediately wished she had met him before his elder brother. To say that the chemistry between them was unmistakably strong would be stating the obvious. They spent more time in each other’s company and generally carried on like they were lovers. But their modesty with each other didn’t last for long as they were soon at each other like a house on fire. Ken had no inkling to what was going on between them.

The bubble soon burst when Linda fell ill and was rushed to the hospital by Ken. After preliminary tests which confirmed her pregnant, he was really excited about finally making his mother a grandmother.
‘His joy was soon cut short when Linda told him point blank that his brother was responsible for the pregnancy’. At first, Ken thought it was a huge joke but Jeff confirmed. Still hopelessly in love with Linda and afraid that it might take him forever to trust another lady for a relationship, he pleaded with Linda to terminate the pregnancy, promising to forgive her and for both of them to carry on like nothing happened.

But Linda has refused to, insisting that it is over between them now that she has found true love with Jeff, who had sent several emissaries to his brother to ask for forgiveness. He wanted him to give the true love between himself and Linda a chance to grow and also prayed for Ken to find someone who truly loves him. Their mother is at her wit’s end, confused about the whole scenario. While berating Jeff for daring to betray his brother, she is equally pleading that Ken sheath his sword. But Ken has threatened to kill his brother. To him, his love has been stolen. What do you think he should do?

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