My First Guard Duty (A Story of Military Brutality Against Its Own)

My friend, Umoru, and I had been close during our recruit training in Nigeria back in 1994. Having passed through the screening exercise and the rigorous military training in the army that surely drained the civilian waters from our body; it was then time for the guard duty assignments.

On a certain evening, Umoru and I, with three other recruits were detailed to guard a certain Major’s residence. Upon our arrival, we reported to the Major in question. He duly briefed us and we assumed our duties in strategic points in his house. As soon as we got settled in our respective positions in the house, the Major left in the company of a certain junior officer, a lieutenant, to an unknown destination in the Mercedes Benz 230.
The excrutiating pains of the previous day floogings in the hands of our “task masters”, and the ever disturbing noise of the West African Mosquitoes kept us company until in the early hours of the morning when our baby-faced Major arrived dead drunk with a young girl of about fifteen years old. The smell of alcohol on their body and their breath was unimaginable as they staggered hand-in-hand into the compound. His orderly, the lieutenant, was few steps behind them.

We quickly jumped to attention and the Major ordered all of us to march out. We filed out in front of him and his young damsel while still standing at attention. In attempt probably to boost him ego and rank, he started asking us all kinds of questions which we fearfully answered. After few minutes of questioning and still appearing unsatisfied and unpleased with our answers, he turned to my friend, Umoru, and asked him:
“Have you had sex before?” Umoru answered in the affirmative, and then the Major thundered: “So if I comot, you go go sleep with my baby, huh?”
I was afraid of what the drama would turn into as I stood still on attention. The Major ordered his lieutenant to give Umoru a thorough beating, and the lieutenant descended on Umoru and gave the poor lad seventy two lashes of the horse-whip!

After that, the Major commanded Umoru to climb up the iron window protector in the house to demonstrate to them how he normally have sex! Umoru simply obeyed the “last order” as is customary; but while he was still demonstrating, the horse-whip kept landing on his back. As this act of bestiality was going on, the little damsel was having fun with the spectacle as she laughed her lungs out. The Major then dragged Umoru to a tap water, ordered him to lay on the ground, and opened the tap to be dropping on Umoru’s clean shaven head. The poor boy finally colapsed. The Major with the assistance of the lieutenant bundled Umoru inside a car and rushed him to the Depot Medical Center, and lied to the attendants that Umoru had an accident.

After he “dismissed” us, I was disgusted at the kind of animals in the name of officers we have. I wish I never enlisted in the army after observing that bizzare treatment of a human being by a fellow human being. I have never seen Umoru to this day. If he had died from that ordeal, I do not know.

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