Time to Vote for a New Nigeria

( -Every journey starts with the first small step. There is no doubt that this year general elections will definitely change the course of history of Nigeria for a new nation. Nigerians have learnt their lessons in a very hard way. Nigerians have come to realise that they are the solution to their problems. Suffering is how we react to events that happen to us. Most Nigerian problems are self-created.and now realise that their destiny is in their hands. This coming elections will reveal to all and sundry that relationship between citizens and the state is fundamental to democracy. The journey to a new Nigeria after fifty years of independence begins this year. This is the year that the catastrophes of past regimes will be turned to greatest opportunities by all eligible voters that cast their votes for a great change. I am foreseeing a decisive year in the history of this country when all Nigerians will decide to participate and usher in a government of the people by the people and for the people. This is going to be a year of true and functioning democracy where many voices expressing different or even contrary ideas and opinions will do it without fear or intimidation. This is the year Nigerians will detoxing their negative thoughts, forget the imbalances of the past and getting themselves into a positive frame of mind that will inspire them to come out en-masse and vote for a set of leaders that can re-write the history of Nigeria.
The game is up for all inept and dubious politicians . Now is the time for bad-belle, do-or-die  politicians to look for another jobs It is time for all political opportunists, thugs, criminals  to go back to the farms. Nigerians have realise that they have missed good things of life from those selfish and mischievous politicians and now uniting to bring back those missing beauties of democracy. This is the time to change from obscurity  to reality, and from disappointments to opportunities. This is the time we will all say goodbye to politics of hatred and deceit. Full participation in this coming general elections will give way for a free people to govern themselves, freedom of expression  and enjoy good governance and accountability. This year general elections will provide greatest avenue for greatest development in Nigeria.
Imagine a new Nigeria where its age long motto of “ Unity and Faith, Peace and Unity” to have practical meanings to all Nigerians. Where oneness, harmony, trust, understanding, reconciliation and development take its root in all regions. A country where there will be love, unity and peace among the Kanuris, the Fulanis, the Hausas, the Gbagyis,(Gwaris) the Tivs, the Nupes, the Yorubas, the Edos, the Urhobos, the Igbos, the Ijaws and the Ibibios. Where there is no love, unity, peace and progress can never exist. Where deep ethnic, regional and religion violence will no longer be a national issue.
Imagine a new Nigeria where the new emerging unpolluted or uncorrupted leaders with integrity and capabilities will proudly lead us to the path of functioning democracy, good governance and accountability. A leader who will be able to interpret the present situation of the country and offer credible strategies to resolve it and transform the country within shortest time.By the time we have a true leader who will be ready to lay down his life for the progress of the country, then you will know that we have been unfortunates with  those past leaders. New leaders who will dedicate all their effort to leave worthy legacies and footprints on the sand of time to be remembered and cherished forever. Where leaders will be servants of the people and the people will be their pay-masters. Leaders that realise that greatness is not property accumulated within shortest time but the services render for the good of others. Since, the British colonialists lowered the Union Jack and freed a land they have ruled for less than a century, the country have never enjoyed a credible leadership with good governance.
Imagine a new country where electricity and drinkable water supply will be undisrupted in twenty-four hours. This new development tonic will surely boost the national socio- economic development and encourage foreign investment in our country. This is possible in few months with a reliable leader and government. Achieving this our Guinness Book of Record as highest buyer of electric generating machine will be removed. Imagine a new Nigeria where there is free, competitive and qualitative education for all citizens. Where illiteracy and poverty level will be reduced drastically. Imagine a nation with reliable and efficient health services without any need to travel to abroad for medical check-up and treatment. A country where all local government councils will have health centres within their official site to all and sundry.
Imagine a new country where the Section 4 of the  Police Act.CAP 359 of the laws of the 1999 constitution which states that “The Police shall be employed for the prevention and detention of crime, the apprehension of offenders, the preservation of law and order, the protection of life and property and the due enforcement of all laws and regulations …” and not employed to collect bribe on the roads, aid criminals and dance to the tune of  politicians. A new country where the “vision” of Nigeria Police Force – “making the country safer and secured for the  attainment of national aspiration” and the “mission”which is “to deliver qualitative and efficient security and law enforcement services to the citizens of Nigeria” will be practically implemented.
Imagine the country with the largest crude oil producer and the second largest oil reserves in Africa will provide abundant fuel and gas for its citizens at very low price. Where queuing at the petrol stations to buy fuel and kerosine will be a taboo.Where all the gains of our God give oil and gas will be judiciously distributed to deserving regions and not to the banks of selfish and wicked so-called leaders and collaborators.
Imagine a country with modern, good and safe road and rail network services that  link the all the thirty-six states of federation and Abuja together. Every Nigeria has the right to travel, live and work in safety. We all have the right to walk, ride and drive on good and safe roads. A country where Road Safety Improvement Action Plan on young and old drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, occupant protection, behavioural counter-measures, speed, seat-belt, drunk-driven and impaired drivers with blue-print to be implemented in order to minimise accidents on our roads. A nation where expenditure on road safety should be used judiciously to reduce increasing number of Nigerians being killed daily and subsequent trauma felt by their families.
This is a clarion call for all eligible voters to come out en-masse for registration exercise so that they can be able to vote during the next general election. You just have to register before you an vote. With the present electoral commission headed by Prof. Jega, there is no doubt that there is power in our votes to influence the outcome of the election. Our votes this time around will give us a voice and effect the changes we have been looking from a new nation.Low turn out this time can give inept and dubious politicians and their party more opportunity to cling to power The country is fifty years old, but we are not destiny to be living in darkness, in abject poverty, irregular water and petrol supply with our God-given human and natural resources. There is need for a change. That change will only be possible this year with our votes. We must vote for the best candidate, even if he or she does not belong to our party. We must prefer meritocracy to mediocracy. This is the only way to have leaders that can achieve good governance and accountability. Together we can reclaim back our lost democracy and hope for brighter future with free, fair, competitive and peaceful elections.

Adewale T Akande,
Author, Educationist and Road Traffic Safety Consultant,
Barcelona, Spain. Tel:0034-600877296

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