Why I endorse Jonathan, says Osuji, Nigerian born Dutch politician

goodlock-campaignNIGERIAN-born Dutch politician, Chief T.A.O Osuji says President Goodluck Jonathan has won his admiration because of his pedigree, diplomacy and performance so far in office.

He told Vanguard that President Jonathan could have been a militant like any other Niger-Deltan but he chose to follow the rule of law and had demonstrated in the past few months that he was the kind of leader Nigeria wanted.

His words: “Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has won my endorsement as the right candidate to be the President of Nigeria come 2011, and thus can count on my support and that of my close associates for the forthcoming election. Most of my Dutch political friends are enthusiastic and are looking forward to his presidency to continue as Dutch and Nigeria have enjoyed long term business friendship and relationship. And I know that Dr. Jonathan’s presidency will continue to foster that. We all wish him all the best and victory come 2011”.

Right pedigree

Having read from different groups in Nigeria, and having made my assessment as a politician, I hereby use this opportunity to endorse Jonathan’s candidacy come 2011. As a politician based in The Netherlands and has had experience in running for public office in The Netherlands, as well a clear view of the characteristics of good governance, I strongly feel that Dr. Jonathan possesses the right pedigree to unify Nigeria and move the economy forward.

Dr, Jonathan has shown himself as a great leader and a believer in transparency, by his commitment to educational reform in Nigeria. Also, he is carrying out reform in other sectors like power and electricity, etc. He has shown his commitment in fighting crime and more especially the kidnapping saga that has marred Eastern region of Nigeria. The economy of any nation can only think of growing if there is reform in the above mentioned sectors, thereby allowing growth in the private sector.

Appointment of Jega

Another reason for my endorsement of his candidacy has more to do with his commitment to free and fair election in Nigeria. Evidence to that is his appointment of Prof. Atahiru Jega, who has a track record of transparency throughout his career as a sign of positive change.

His diplomacy

Jonathan strong educational background, which gives him the edge over any other candidate that is running or yet to declare. A Commander-in-Chief must be a person with sound mind, good and un-biased judgement, and must be committed in what he is doing. Dr. Jonathan possesses all the qualities.

Also, coming from a region where he has all it takes to enrich himself with back-door wealth, he decided to be a follower of the law and since that time, has been on the side of transparency. He has all it takes to join the militancy but yet he chose diplomacy.

Divine link

Jonathan’s presidency seems to be by divine intervention. The hand-writing of God is clear on the wall. This cannot be ignored. The choice of Dr. Goodlock Ebele Jonathan as the next elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2011 is God’s own.

Thus this miracle that has happened to Nigeria must be allowed to continue. We know that Nigerians are God -fearing people and have made lots of sacrifices for God to give us a genuine and sincere servant of the people as we are tired of heartless leaders. So what I expect is that people of Nigeria from the North, South, East and West who love truth, accountability, good life, basic infrastructure, and peace will understand that God had spoken.

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