Say What? Mortuary Worker Has Sex With Female Corpses And Sees Nothing Wrong About It

  A Ghanaian mortuary worker has confessed to having sex with female corpses to satisfy himself.According to the man, there was nothing wrong about the acts, and he was just satisfying his sexual needs.

Sharkur Lukas explained that he could not find a woman, so he discovered another way of having relationships.The man said during the interview on Adom TV:“Sometimes if I want to ask a lady out, she will be afraid of me once she hears that I’m a mortuary man and turn me down.

But when I’m in the mortuary sometimes, I will see a fresh female corpse and I will satisfy myself.“The ladies sometimes say because I work in the mortuary, I will kill them if they accept my proposal. I have not done it once but many many times. Currently I don’t have a wife and since I was born, I haven’t had sex with a fine girl.”

See the extract from the interview below (Lukas and the host speak English):


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