Jonathan Goodluck is being pushed around by third term losers, says IBB’s aide

goodluck-posterAbdulyekeem Umar, the national campaign coordinator for former president Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, on Monday said that Nigeria’s incumbent leader is being tossed around by the team that tried to enforce a third term in 2009 but failed.

Speaking to correspondents at the Murtala Mohammed Airport 2 (MMA2), Lagos, Mr Umar argued that the ex-military leader will emerge as Nigeria’s president come the 2011 general elections regardless of whoever it is that governs the country currently, adding that should the forthcoming polls be free and fair, most citizens will vote for Mr Babangida.

“If you look at people who are pushing Goodluck, you will agree that those are the third term losers. I tell you authoritatively, and if you don’t know, then I will point them,” he said. “Those are the third term losers; they have lost before, for it is not the first time for them to loose, and I can bet you as far as we are going to contest, conduct a good election that is free and fair, IBB will take 85 per cent of the votes.”

No incumbency power

Calling on Goodluck Jonathan to declare his interest for the seat of the country’s helmsman, Mr Umar said that the election is all about the number of people who cast their votes in favour of a candidate, adding that Mr Jonathan cannot exercise any power of incumbency in the forthcoming elections.

“Ever before I prayed that Goodluck will not come out and tell us that he didn’t want to run, for he is coming to face IBB and I wish him good luck,” he said.

“Everybody is talking about power of incumbency, forgetting that is a game of numbers, so I wonder why people will always say he (Jonathan) will use power of incumbency. It is game of numbers and Goodluck is coming to test run his popularity and what he thinks he can give to Nigerians.”

Mr Umar further stated that his presidential candidate is not disturbed about the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primaries, which is coming up later in the year, as he boasted that Mr Babangida will come out tops.

“Babangida has proven to be the man to beat in the 2011 election, as well as the primaries and I know that he will emerge Nigeria’s president,” he said.

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