We should not demonize Mugabe

We should not demonize MugabeA government foremost responsibility is to its citizens, this is not only a constitutional requirement but a moral requirement. Mugabe became demonized by Europeans because he is accused of grabbing land from the rich imperialist remnants of Britain colonialism and redistributed the land to deserving Zimbabwean. In doing this he became an instant enemy of the Europeans. The Europeans responded by imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe and as a result a once prosperous African country was reduced to nothing. By imposing sanctions against Zimbabwe the Europeans targeted Zimbabwean leadership and ended up hurting the Zimbabwean population the most. Its time we ask the Europeans whether it is moral to punish an entire population of 13 million people just because a handful of rich Britons feel hurt because they have been evicted of their ill gotten land.
    At the forefront of demonizing Mugabe is Gordon Brown. The same Brown who recently said ‘British jobs for British people’. We need to ask ourselves if this is any different from Mugabe’s policy of ‘Zimbabwean land for Zimbabwean people.’ Is the west practicing double standards? Both Mugabe and Brown are trying to look out for the interests of their citizens. Mugabe emerged a tyrant and dictator as a result and Brown was branded a statesman. Do you think a Zimbabwean would be allowed to own large tracks of land in Britain while the native Britons are homeless? Both you and I know the answer to this question. The Europeans will claim that the evicted Britons are Zimbabwean citizens, this maybe true. And if this is the case why are the Europeans meddling in conflicts between a group of ‘Zimbabwean citizens’ and the Zimbabwean government. Would they be equally interested if the conflicting ‘Zimbabwean citizens’ were non white? I have friends who are of African decent but European citizens and I can tell you they are treated like 2nd class citizens by the native Europeans. Its time the Europeans got a taste of their own medicine.
    Mugabe was trying to get rid of the rich imperialist who owned large tracks of lands in Zimbabwe while the indigenous Zimbabweans are landless. This land by the way was acquired as a result of colonialism, and therefore they cannot claim to have purchased the land lawfully. This land was grabbed from its rightful owners the Zimbabwean people’s ancestors. I live in Europe and I can tell you the European people and its leaders have a very negative attitude towards immigrants especially African immigrants. As a result abuse towards African immigrants is rampant and in some cases, can be considered as the norm. Immigrants cannot really integrate into the European society because they are not given an equal opportunity to prosper. And in cases where an opportunity is given, the opportunities are very limited. This happens to be the same Europeans who when they come to Africa expect to own large tracks of land and head the top companies at the expense of indigenous people. And on top of all this expect special treatment from the same Africans whom they despise back in Europe. To me this stinks of arrogance of the highest order, the Europeans and its leaders are drunk of arrogance.
    We as Africans should not be hood wicked by the west. The western world is not always right, sure there are a few things we as African should emulate from the west, such as good governance and technological advances. But we should shun their dictatorship on Africa leaders and its people. We should emancipate ourselves from mental neo colonialism. The Europeans who pride themselves for civility are the same people who lead the world into two world wars. The same Europeans who pride themselves for prudent judgment are the same Europeans who have lead the world into the current financial crisis. These two examples should show us that the Europeans can be wrong and when they are wrong the consequences are deadly to the world. And in Mugabe’s case the Europeans are dead wrong.

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