Control Freak Wenger Afraid To Make Big Signings.

WengerArsenal fans must be wondering yet again why there is so much talk about big signings coming into the club but no end result. I'm not convinced that Arsene Wenger even wants to sign any of these big-name players. The top players have their own personalities and if you are at the summit of the game it is natural that you are going to have an element of arrogance about you.
Wenger does not want to deal with this type of player: he is a control freak who wants players that will do as they are told and won't talk back to him. The Higuains, Rooneys and Suarezs of this world will give their opinion and want to have their say in certain situations. Arsene likes his younger players, ones that he can coach and make better – that's the problem. He may have a lot of money, but does he really want to spend it? Does he want to go out and get these top players?
Then there is the question of whether the top players would even want to play for Wenger and Arsenal because they haven't won a trophy in eight years. Also, the Gunners are now at a level where one signing is not going to make all the difference. Even if they signed Higuain they would need to bring in other players before they were ready to start competing with the top clubs again.
The team lacks a spine – they haven't had one for a number of years. They need a powerful central midfielder and a top centre-half – and maybe even a new goalkeeper. There is a lot of talk in the transfer market at the moment and not a lot of action, but I think one big transfer could create a domino effect. We might have to wait until the back end of August before this happens, when panic signings are made. Two months further down the line we will all be reading about transfer flops that were signed without the proper thought-process.
One player that Arsenal do not seem to be linked with is Cesc Fabregas, despite the fact that they reportedly have a buy-back clause for him. I'm not surprised about this because if you look at their current midfield they already have Santi Cazorla – and Wenger might see him and Fabregas as being too similar. Arsenal fans would love Fabregas to come back but I think they need somebody sturdier in there. Wenger could come under pressure from the fans to match Manchester United's bid for him if Barcelona decide to sell, but Arsenal did not win anything when Fabregas was there so it could be a step backwards to spend all that money on him.
Names like Baines, Fellaini, Thiago Alcantara and now Fabregas have been linked all summer, very publicly, but nothing has been completed. – Euro Sport

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