Mba: Ojidoh wants NFF to stop disgracing Nigeria

Nigeria’s forward Sunday Mba during the 2013 African Cup of Nations quarter final between Ivory Coast and NigeriaA respected football administrator, Pa John Ojidoh has jumped into the Sunday Mba transfer fray with a clarion call on the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to quickly put an end to the disgraceful controversy.

Speaking yesterday on the phone, Ojidoh said that the NFF was bringing the game of football to disrepute, with the way they were handling the issue, which if not resolved in time, could have serious negative effects on the player.

While accusing Rangers of trouble-shooting, Ojidoh, a former Football chief of the OldBendelState, said that NFF were foot-dragging on the issue, which he claimed was simple to resolve.

“All records show clearly that Mba is a bonafide player of Warri Wolves. The ownership is not subject to controversy. I have seen a letter where Wolves paid Rangers N3.2m on a two-year contract, which is still on, so there can be no claim from Rangers.

“I have also seen where Rangers applied to Warri Wolves for Mba to be bought by them to prosecute  their continental campaign. I have also seen the contract which  showed that Mba was given N4m as sign-on fee by Wolves and N100, 000 monthly pay.

“It is clear that NFF is wasting time and tax-payers money on Mba because the issue is so clear. They are aware of what I have just said and are in possession of the documents, which prove that Mba is a Wolves players”, added Ojidoh.

On the potential danger should the delay continue, Ojidoh said that “ it should not have been grave if they are talking about money ,but in this case, they are contending over ownership, which is a legal matter. I urge NFF to use the Player Status Regulation to resolve this quickly before it escalates”.

On the consequences to Mba, Ojidoh said that “he is trying to commit suicide because the issue of him receiving money from two clubs is a criminal case. . Wolves paid and Rangers also paid. But his current licence shows that he is a Wolves player.

“As a father, everybody saw his game during our last World Cup qualifier against Kenya and it was clear that the issue is affecting him psychologically. What he can do now is to declare in writing that he is a Wolves players, so that any club who want him, will negotiate with Wolves and I urge Wolves to set a realistic transfer fee for the player. NFF on their part, should stop this disgraceful controversy”.

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