NIGERIA: Galadima urges NFF, Keshi to close ranks

Super Eagles coach, stephen keshiFormer NFA Chairman, Alhaji Ibrahim Galadima, says he was delighted that the Super Eagles won the Nations Cup in South Africa and gradually the autonomy for football management, which he fought in his time as the leader of the football federation is gradually seeing the light of day.

“Yes, Stephen Keshi, who is like a son to me has been very busy and may not have called, same for the leadership of the NFF, but I’m so happy and delighted that we won the Nations Cup and some other things for which we were castigated for are gradually becoming the norms in Nigerian football.

“If we remain focused and avoid unnecessary controversy, we will go very far in not only winning trophies but remaining a force in world football”, Galadima declared.

He urged the NFF leadership to savour their hard earned victory at SA 2013, instead of allowing forces of disunity to create rancour in the rank and file of the team and the NFF, at a time when celebration should be the hallmark of the nation.

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