NIGERIA: Race for AFN board membership overshadows 2013 programmes

athletics It is almost certain that the 2013 season of athletics events will start in June as the race for who gets into the board of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria,AFN  and who becomes president gets underway.

The National Sports Commission, NSC last week published the elections and eligibility guidelines for all the national sports federations and there has been an increase of activity by those who have ambitions.

At the AFN, athletics officials are mute about their programes for the year particularly the World indoors in March, golden league and the world championships billed for August. However, the AFN president, Solomon Ogba and his kitchen cabinet are bent over backwards, as they strive to host a successful maiden African Youth Champion-ships in March.

“From the look of things, I don’t think we will have a proper direction till the elections are over in April. It is an election year and you know that everyone who is interested is taking territories for now. We only hope that the programmes we have early in the year will not be affected,” said a member of the AFN in Port Harcourt.

It was gathered that the Ogba is interested in going for a second term in office and has been reaching out to all parties and constituencies.

“For now he is the man to beat, if he does not step down from the race. He did his best for athletics in difficult circumstances. I don’t know of any candidate that has signified his intention to challenge Ogba. He has really pushed on with athletics,” added the AFN member.

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