“Balotelli is my boy and I am dating his sister” – Obafemi Martins

obafemi-martinsFor a while now, the rumour mills have continued churning out stories, insisting that there were strings attached between Obafemi Martins and Mario Balotelli’s elder sister, Abigail.

The pair had been spotted together in at different locations, with love clearly in their eyes and the Levante frontman has finally confirmed that they are having an affair.

He also insisted that the erratic Manchester City forward, had no qualms about him seeing his sister, as they have a good relationship dating from their time together at Inter Milan.

“Mario is my boy. The respect is there because I used to play at Inter, in the youth team with him. He’s giving me my respect and I’m doing same. People are putting it in the news that he’s upset, of course he’s glad,” he said.

“He’s glad that Obafemi Martins is dating his sister. But if he gets jealous then it means he doesn’t want his sister to grow. But it’s not like that. The boy is not a bad boy.

Martins, who was recently dropped from the Nigerian squad to the Nations Cup, however insisted that marriage is not on the agenda yet.

He said: “The relationship is true but getting married or not, we haven’t discussed anything like that. She’s upstairs and we’re happy together.”

24-year-old Abigail, had earler told the The Sun in an interview in April that she couldn’t date a footballer.

“Mario wouldn’t let me anyway. He knows only too well what they are like. They are surrounded by women. Girls throw themselves at them,” she said.

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