Nigeria: Adamu’s Scandal – Okaro cries for Nigeria

nigeriafootball2As reaction on Nigeria’s FIFA executive Committee member Amos Adamu continues to generate more comments, Brigadier-General Emmanuel Okaro (rtd) said Nigeria has lost her position in FIFA.

Speaking with Sunday Vanguard sports, Okaro said as far as he was concerned, the person that has lost in this battle is Nigeria and it will  be difficult for the country to regain her position owing to the fact that there are other football loving countries  looking for such position.
“At the beginning when this happened, I wanted to steer clear it but in all it is   unfortunate that the case  ended up like that.  All I can say is that it is  Nigeria that  has lost in the battle .

“We have lost our seat in FIFA and it will take us years to get it back.  It’s not a position one can get easily because there are so much politics in FIFA and for us to project somebody to represent us again will be difficult It will take long, because other countries are waiting for this opportunity. Countries like South Africa and others will seize this opportunity; tell me which other person in Nigeria should we project?

“This time around we need somebody who is knowledgeable  in football, one who is trustworthy and knowledgeable in football. Adamu might not lose but the whole thing falls on the country and it will be very difficult to replace him.

“On the aspect of EFCC it is a normal routine of the EFCC, since he was nominated by Nigerians to represent the nation, Nigerians are also concerned on the matter and they want to know more,” he said

Former vice chairman of NFA Richard  Obienu, said that Adamu is not the only corrupt person in the country. He said there are millions of Adamu within the country that need to be probed.

“He should be grateful to God that is not a life ban. The thing is that he is not only  the corrupt person in the country, there are many that are yet to be exposed  and by God’s grace they will be revealed to the world not only in Nigeria.“This should serve as a lesson to everyone that is still indulging in  evil, they should know that  corruption  does not pay,” he said.

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