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iPads for Toilet Use? Apple Says it’s What Users Want

IpadCupertino, CA “ Apple,Inc today introduced a new iPad model, joining the line up of its popular iPad Air series. The new model, dubbed iPad Clean Air has a layer of coating on its outer case that kills germs upon contact.

In a press release, the company said that most people use the popular computer tablet while sitting on the toilet, where contact exposure to germs can be passed on to others through the device. The company said that adding a permanent coating of germ-resistant, antiseptic layer onto the exterior housing would minimize the popular device from becoming a carrier of diseases such as hepatitis, stomach flu, mono, and other airborne pathogens.

Apple company spokesperson Cindy Batista said that they have been receiving plenty of requests from end users to incorporate such a feature in their iPad product. Our products are built for total enjoyment of the users, if there are suggestions to make the iPad experience a better one, then we will incorporate them into our products, Batista said in a phone interview.

Many users claim that more than 90% of their time with their iPads are spent while sitting on the toilet, and many are concerned that they could be spreading germs to friends and family.

Nick Rocardo, an iPad user and avid Apple customer since the 1980?s said that he usually begins his day, as soon as he gets up from bed, in the restroom with his iPad, and usually spends about an hour or so browsing his Facebook newsfeed, and Instagram account.

I basically begin and end my day in the toilet, and the thought of spreading germs in between those times when someone borrows my iPad or just by someone touching it really concerned me, Rocardo said. I think this is a feature that has been overdue,™ he adds.

The new iPad Clean Air is slated for production the second quarter of 2014 and should be in stores by summer.

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