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Ηave you been thinking of owning a website about your organization or where you can sell a product or products, but are scared of the high price of designing one, and the huge cost of securing an eCommerce credit card payment processing?

Well, you don’t need to wait any longer. We can help you build your website with free Paypal shopping cart and credit card payment processing that will cost you nothing upfront, nor monthly payment.

We will help you with securing a domain name, hosting account, setup of Paypal Merchant account, and Shopping cart, and Checkout.

Packages start at 399euro depending on the kind of websites you want to own

Your web site represents your organization or your  company, and should give a very good impression to your visitors, customers and clients.

We will create a website for you that:

  • looks professional and represents you well
  • ensures that it’s easily navigated
  • downloads fast
  • includes contact forms, email and domain setup
  • is tested in multiple browsers and monitor resolutions
  • is built for easy future updates and expansion
  • will be tested, launched and submitted to search engines
  • will contain or basic business solutions

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