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Give yourself 2 years in between pregnancies, gynaecologist advises women

Pregnant womanA gynaecologist, Dr Fred Achem, on Wednesday advised women in their child- bearing age to give themselves two years in between pregnancies before having another child.

Achem gave the advice in an interview in Abuja.

He said that it was important that women recovered their blood level after childbirth which usually required a minimum of two years.

The gynaecologist said that a pregnant woman required a minimum blood volume so as to prevent anaemia in pregnancy.

“Our women must not continue to get pregnant every year. They have to recover from one pregnancy, rebuild their blood system up and that takes a minimum of two years.

“ Once the blood level starts coming down, it manifests in her strength to carry the baby, it manifests in the size of the baby.

” And if the anaemia is very deficient, the baby may even succumb in her womb as a result of anaemia,” he said.

Achem said that anaemia in pregnancy had symptoms like heart failure, fatigue and swelling of the legs, among others.

He said that it was important for all women of child-bearing age to take iron and folic acid tablets to build their blood system.

Speaking on nutrition in pregnancy, Achem said that women should stay on top of good nutrition by eating healthy meals.

“It is very important that women consider their own nutrition and stay on top of good nutrition all through pregnancies, moderate weight gain is very important.

“It is not so much of what they eat but the quality of what they eat, and to address such things, it is better to avoid all those fried fruits which bring more calories to the system.

“Good protein and good vegetables keep the bowels soft and moving,” he added.

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