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NIGERIA: Infertility, FTSF offers free treatment to 3 indigent couples

Pregnant WomanThree Nigerian couples with the challenge of infertility stand to benefit from fully-funded fertility treatment cycles as the Fertility Treatment Support Foundation, FTSF, kick starts the 2013 series of funded fertility treatment campaigns for indigent Nigerians.

A registered non-profit organisation based in Lagos, FTSF provides financial support and services for infertile couples, in partnership with Nordica Fertility Centre, Lagos/Asaba/Abuja, with the goal of enabling Nigerian couples with the challenge of infertility, to access full assisted reproduction technology, ART, services, in form of Free IVF treatment cycles.

In addition to providing opportunity for infertile couples to have their own biological children completely free of charge, the FTSF campaign also serves to heighten awareness about the  availability of treatment for infertility in addition to presenting a support system or platform for interaction.

Formerly known as Expanded Access to Reproductive Treatment, EART, Foundation, FTSF was established in 2008 as a result of the increasing prevalence of infertility in the society. Managing Director, Nordica Fertility Clinic, Lagos, Asaba and Abuja, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, explained that the goal this year, is getting a live baby.

“Towards this end, the FTSF Board was recently reconstituted to be more proactive. We have done two competitions in the past but the cost is inhibiting and the aim is to get more support to do this competition every quarter.

“People should come out of their shells to address the issue of infertility,” he remarked. He said from research, one out of every four couples is fertility-challenged, thereby, informing the appreciable demand for ART, solutions.

Ajayi argued that affordability of treatment is a common cause for concern of  fertility-challenged couples and it is to keep the dreams of fertility-challenged couples alive, that FTSF was born.

With the theme:”Speak Out On Infertility” the 2013 edition  which marks Nordica’s 10th year anniversary, the FTSF is paying for the free treatment of three fertility challenged couples to be undertaken in each of the Nordica Fertility Clinics in Abuja, Asaba and Lagos.

To participate, all that any infertility challenged couple needs to do is produce and send a three-minute video clip telling their “journey so far” in a compelling/credible/creative way and send as entries to the FTSF website at or submit in CD format to Nordica Fertility clinics in Lagos, Abuja and Asaba. More details can be obtained through 08037360870.

A statment from the Foundation explains that entries should be sent in English language and Pigin English, but where a native language is used, it must be interpreted in English language and must not be exceed three minutes.

While the campaign is open to all indigent infertility challenged Nigerian couples from all the regions of the country, entries are to be produced by the couples themselves and should show their faces. The statement urges entrants to note that sending in entries does not mean couples have automatically won, because there would be a draw which will then produce three winners. Only one entry can be submitted by any entrant/couple. Decision on choice of winners is final.

Entries that contain/ propagate “hate” messages, make defamatory statements, or which are otherwise extraordinarily offensive are not eligible. Ineligible entries may be disqualified at any phase of the competition without notification. Further, the statement warned that entries above three minutes will be automatically disqualified.

Each entrant will receive an email and SMS acknowledgment of receipt. The FTSF assumes all entries are original and must be available on the Internet from Friday February 22, 2013 through March 21, 2013, the statement asserted. In partnership with Nordica Lagos, FTSF, over the years has provided free fertility treatment for 25 couples.

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