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Dangerous S*X Positons For Men

Sex PositionsThe most common cause of pénile injury is found among the variety of potentially dangerous positions used for séxual intercourse. The most popular is the ‘woman-on-top’. This type of position can result in an impact between the pénis against the female pelvis or perineum that can easily traumatize the pénile cylinders.
A pénis becomes érect when the lining of the cylinder within it is engorged with blood.  A pénis fracture can occur when there is trauma to the eréct pénis, resulting in a rupture of the cylinder lining. This very painful injury is often accompanied by an abrupt, distressing cracking noise that is immediately followed by dark bruising of the pénis due to blood escaping the cylinder. In ten to 30% of pénis fractures, the urethra is damaged and blood may be visible at the urinary opening.
Given these signs, an injury should be relatively simple to diagnose, right? You would be surprised, even with the unsettling sounds of a fracture occurring, many men don’t realize what has happened. Perhaps it’s male pride, or a refusal to admit that they are not in total control over their séxual functions, but often they don’t acknowledge their injury.
Various Dangerous Positions
There are many different dangerous séx positions (such as: The Triple Lindy, The London Bridge, The Pair of Tongs, The Body Builder, The Incline Leg, etc…) that are difficult to perform and are more likely to cause injury the pénis.
To prevent injury, it is highly recommended to avoid experimenting with séxual or masturbatory activity that puts the eréct pénis at risk for fracture. Also, it is always advisable to wear an athletic supporter to protect the private parts during physical activities such as sports or exercise.
A severe pénis injury is much like the aftermath of trauma from a car accident. The initial pain subsides after a few days, but alarming side effects emerge later. Such after effects related to pénile damage include loss of morning eréction, éjaculation pain, unsustainable érection, érection pain, gross curvature and, perhaps worse of all, pénis shrinkage.

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