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How can I report scams to you?

We have received many emails from near-victims who backed out of a fake lottery or other advance fee scam or fraudulent business transaction after they did a search for an email address, name or phone number and came across it on our 419 blacklist. We publish such data to warn potential victims about such scams. The more scammers we can get listed, the more crimes will be prevented. You too can help!

If you've received what looks like a 419 spam (basically, any email from a stranger that promises an unexpected fortune), and the sender address does not yet appear on our list, you're welcome to send us a copy. Please make sure to include the five character string [419] in the subject line of the email. You can follow this with further details, such:

    * name of the fake lottery or other company
    * alias or email address of the criminal
    * telephone number of the criminal
    * for fraudulent purchases, sales offers or rentals, use the code word "Lagos"
    * for lottery postal mail from Spain, use the code word "letter" followed by your country

Here are some examples of subject lines that we prefer:

Subject:  Overseas Asset Management Ltd (Paul Hunt, Henry Lewis)
Subject:  BARRISTER AHMED BELLO (234-8035319378)
Subject:  Lagos –
Subject:  Lagos
Subject:  letter – France
Subject:  letter

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