Scam Watch

What we think of 419 victims

1. Greedy – most 419 business proposals often offer very wide margin of profit hence the victim is blinded by such profits and relegates rational thinking to the background. Have you heard of people reporting that they got involved with such fraudulent businesses and made so much money? No, instead the Swiss banks are busy keeping such stashed money in their vaults.

2. Lazy – Why would someone expect to earn money without working for it. In most cases all that is required for a victim to make millions of dollars is to provide a bank account where stolen money can be kept for as little as a week and earn say 20,30 or even 40%. What a lazy way for some one to become a millionaire.

3. Stupid – Having seen the content of some of these scam emails flying around I sometimes question the level of intelligence of some of these victims (majority of them foreigners) as to why any intelligent person will give a second thought on the business proposal, some of the scam letters come with very bad English and very ridiculous claims and offers.

4.Fool (Mugu) – If you are a victim of scamers…….you are confirming what you are already tagged (Mugu) meaning a fool and you also  need to think twice and you should not even complain or  say it aloud  because if you had made your way to the amount promise… you will not talk about it. So all you greedy people looking for easy way and fast money should be careful . 

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