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In the 19th Century AD, a well renowned German philosopher, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, sensing an approaching period of nihilism in Europe, was influenced by the incontrovertible fact that the belief in the Christian God had drastically declined to the point he could confidently say that "God is dead". Nietzsche was unable to see the connection between 'being' a Christian and 'living' a Christian. He could not find God among the Christians of his day because majority of the Christians were not living the Christian life.

The crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday was actually the 'death of God' because Jesus is both God and man. Jesus died in His human nature, but the divine nature is immortal. We could only say that 'God is dead' based on the principle of Communicatio Idiomatum (This is strictly for theologians).

However, Jesus lives on. He lives in the Church and in the lives of true Christians. Many Christians in our present world proclaim the death of God by their lives. No matter one's position or status in the Church, if one's life does not make others to see Jesus in him/her, then that person is definitely one of the disciples of Nietzsche. As we meditate on the Paschal mysteries of Jesus Christ, let us always be ready to rise to the challenge of living out the Christian faith, and thus, we could confidently sing with Diana Rose, "He lives in me".

Beloved, let us wake up to the challenge of being true Christians by letting others to see Jesus in our lives. You can be the only Bible someone can read and become converted in spirit. Be a true witness of the gospel. God is alive because He lives on.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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