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How to improve your tired looks

Are you tired of looking tired? Experts say then ensure you sleep well. Sleep does not just make you feel better – it makes you look better, too.  It is no longer news that many busy executives including politicians spend less time in their bedrooms denying themselves the opportunity of having good sleep. According to studies, beauty sleep” is real. Your skin uses sleep hours to heal itself from the day’s damage. When you drift off, your skin gets the chance to improve. That is why you may wake up looking fresh and rosy.

Are you among those that are not getting enough?  Here are what to change.

Fewer breakouts:

More sleep, clearer skin. Lack of sleep can lead to stress, which causes pimples and blackheads, even in adults. In one study, experts found that college students had more breakouts when they were stressed out, such as during exam time.

Brighter eyes:

Do you want eyes that sparkle? Then, don’t let dark circles steal their spotlight. Dark circles often run in families, but they can look even darker if you are not getting enough shut-eye. To disguise them, apply a light layer of eye cream as a primer. Then dab on and blend in a dot of concealer one to two shades lighter than your skin tone.

Even skin tone: Pulling an all-nighter can make your skin look more pale or blotchy. Sleep encourages healthy blood flow to your skin. If you wake up with uneven skin, apply foundation. Set it with translucent powder (or green-tinted powder to balance out redness).

Outsmart puffiness

You wake up with puffy eyes because fluid collects around them when your head lies flat on the bed. The solution is to prop your head above your heart at night with a couple of pillows. Still packing bags under your eyes? Apply a cold cloth to the area for a minute or two in the morning.

Skip the salt:

If you are a night owl looking for a snack, reach for a piece of fruit. Salty snacks can give you a swollen face in the morning. This is because foods that are high in salt can cause you to retain fluid, resulting in puffiness.

Make water your nightcap:

A glass of wine might seem relaxing, but you’re more apt to see dried-out skin and large, visible pores in the mirror the next day. Cut back on nightly drinking and have lots of water instead. In the morning, use a toner that contains zinc sulfate or alum, which make pores look smaller.

A great skin routine: To keep your face smooth and soft, start with a mild cleanser to remove grit, grime, and makeup. Next, apply moisturizer. To keep delicate areas hydrated overnight, doctors advise using an eye cream that contains glycerin and a petrolatum-based lip balm.

A warm bath: One of the best ways to put yourself to sleep can improve your skin too. Take a warm bath — with all the fixins’, like bubbles, oils, and body scrubs — before bed to raise your body temperature a little. You tend to feel sleepy when your body temperature drops, like after a bath.

Sleep face up for fewer wrinkles: If you want to have a flawless face then you must be a back sleeper. Sleeping with your face directly on the pillow often leads to lines and creases in the skin. They can become permanent over time. If you can’t sleep belly up, try switching to satin sheets (or at least satin pillow cases). That may lessen your odds of sleep-related wrinkles.

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