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NIGERIA: Why we built Yoruba Village in London -YCE

The Yoruba  Council  of  Elders (YCE) has  explained  that the rationale behind  the construction of a Yoruba village in London was  part of the  efforts to ensure that, the language does no go into extinction for those in diaspora.

The  Council’s  Public Relations Officer in Diaspora, Gabriel Aramide said this weekend,  in Abeokuta,that the body has concluded arrangements for the launch of the Village  to serve as  educational centre, where the language would  be taught.

He further disclosed that, YCE had also decided to hold  Yoruba Day Celebrations for their kinsmen  in diaspora , who,  according to him, were  about  200 million.

Aramide, who was accompanied by YCE National Executive member, Kadree Adebisi and Ogun State  Chairman,  Muizi  Omonayajo, said  eminent traditional rulers in the region have given their  support to the progamme.

 According to him,  the   building  of Yoruba village  and the  events were would be held  so as to  re-unite Yoruba sons and daughters  that live   abroad.

“We are  launching a Yoruba Village,a centre for  learning  of  Yoruba!language and to also serve as the meeting point for Yoruba sons  and daughters in some part of the diaspora. All Royal fathers and dignitaries will converge on the Village .

“To make visa essence possible, the council has contacted a firm of Solicitors in London, who are now in contact with the British Embassy,while the Yoruba Governors have also been contacted to send cultural troupe for performance.

Also speaking at the conference, the Council National Officer, Kadree Adebisi  affirmed that, the programme was with the approval of the national headquarters.

He added that, the body had contacted the coordinator for the establishment of the diaspora chapters, which according to him has spread globally.

“The Council was established far back in 2001,with late Pa Alayande, Thompson and Bola Ige, while the mission and vision were  for the welfare of the race, wherever they may be residents.

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