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Best ways to advertise self, products on Facebook

Facebook ADS

There are so many advantages of having lots of friends and contacts on a social media website such as Facebook. It gives you the opportunity to sell your ideas, interact and publicize your brand. What’s more, it’s mostly free! So it has got to be quite disappointing when your friend requests go unanswered and your status is starved for likes, when no one seems to care about your carefully carved comments or your award winning pictures and everyone ignores your banners and posters. If Facebook is just a place to catch up with a few old friends and family, then this piece is not for you. So whether you’re advertising yourself or your brand, here are some ways to put your best foot forward when going about it:

The Profile picture phenomenon: A picture is worth a thousand words, so you can imagine what the person on the other end might be reading when you scan a low quality picture taken back in the 1980s. You’re also unlikely to attract friends and customers when you have no profile picture at all. Using the picture of a celebrity also makes you look unreal and uninteresting. Use a profile picture taken with a good camera and give it your best smile. If possible, upload the soft copy directly instead of scanning. Get a good designer to produce posters and banners for you. It will cost less since you’ll bypass printing.

As you do unto others: Ding Dong! If you hardly ever like people’s comments, very few people are going to like yours. Same goes for those of you who are very selective about the friend requests you accept. If you’re only interested in being friends on facebook with your friends on real life then stick to your phone book. Accept all friend requests but only keep casual personal information on your page. Also be genuinely interested in the conversations of others and invest profitable feedback.

Consistency: Whether it’s on your personal page or fan page, go online as often as possible. Update your status regularly, and if you have the time, chat with a few friends. Keep your page as lively as possible.

Let your words describe your personality: Facebook is in some ways like real life-You’d be judged by your words, so even if you don’t always make much sense in real life, double check what you say online. If you’re lost, go for sensible quotes of great men that you can identify with. So work on yourself. Communicate, spell right, and be friendly.

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