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Nigeria, Politics, People And Future

jega3010Politics all over the world had dominated all other sectors of any given society.

The political sector since the 18th century had always determined the level of education, socialization, economic advancement, religious adherence, traditional upliftment, the norms, customs, culture and even how the scientific and technological derivatives had been well harnessed for the use of the peoples in any given society and the future trend even for generations to come on the basis of presentations, projections, preparations, provisions, practicalities, funding, etc.

Let us take a very good and serious look at the political standing of the rulling parties in Nigeria today and see how far we can go in the quest for Democracy. In Nigeria we have Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in Lagos, Edo and Ekiti State Labour Party (LP) Ondo state; All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) Anambra State All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) Borno, Yobe and Kano States. Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the remaining 27 States apart from the FCT.

Fellow Nigerians, think about our political parties and composition to the number of states governed by the different parties. If we have five (5) political parties in this country, this model is just good, and it is sufficient for us to start from this point. This is what must be done to save the people of this country at least for now until about 2026.

People in most countries that are now called civilized countries have chosen the concept of civility which means working to meet the needs of the civilians in any civil society with respect to services, materials, behaviour, identification, mutual acceptance, reducing tensions and stress, avoiding segregation, stopping divisive attitudes, having to love one another with the fear of God and calling to wisdom and orderliness in whatever we do.

It is time for us to build our own kind of Democracy if we have to borrow from the statement of David Mark, the Senate President supportive of what his intention would mean that we must now work out a framework that would help us grow… This might reflect on us the choice of a common sense to doing all that we can to elevate the Nigerian peoples and population from this present level of poverty.

How are we going to achieve any progress when at least, over 40 political parties are willing to contest at different levels? Is this another plot to disorganize this country further in the name of Democracy and later give chance to our military arm to take over again. Thus continuing the same circle that we have been going through since 1966?

What are our law makers, the Representatives and Senators, doing for this country? We have not seen any good bill passed to law that reflects on the National needs of the people. Until we redirect our political sector, we seem to be going round and round in the same circle.

What would it matter to allow Nigeria to have 5 standing political parties and educate the entire population to make choice of one and belong to one of these existing ruling parties? Are we not still aware of how to go or who are we waiting for and why?

Are we not tired and weary of the stigma attached to us? Do we actually want to agree that politics looks like a criminal activity in Nigeria that is destroying the fabric of this great sovereign nation?
Don’t we need a new life style in Nigeria?

It is not too late to stop this proliferation of political parties. For the next election, only the ruling parties must be given the mandate to present candidates. All other 57 parties should merge with the existing ones. All their members must find a place within the existing 5 or 6 political parties in Nigeria now.

Whether we like it or not, at this stage of our democracy foundation, the exigencies the land do not allow for such numbers of political parties. When the time comes in the future, we can make ramifications. We are about to make another mistake again if we allow 63 parties to present candidates for 2011 election process.

We see a greater deadly draw down and devastation. It is not too late to stop this anomally. We welcome Prof. Attahiru Jega to his new office, you must cancel all those parties and give all members 30 days to find places within the already existing parties if the purpose for party formation is to help alleviate the suffering and restructure the society to a most moderate standard of living.

This is the season of change. We want this new social order. Mr. Bankole, Mr. David Mark, the case at hand is a very serious one. We have said before at the commencement of this government in 2007, that many people’s dreams will be turned around, that many hopes will not be met, that many will be angered, that many will be disappointed and even threaten heaven to come to earth.

But at the end of the tunnel, we forsee, a stable, strong united, progressive and beautiful Nigeria which is attractive, and we saw prosperous Nigeria among the comity of the socalled advanced economies. This is our choice government.

This is the time for all hands, all talents, all knowledge with all tools available to be at work. This is a task that must be done: the task to organize Nigeria to an advanced society. God bless Nigeria and the Nigerian people.

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