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Zionism: The stolen Jewish identity

The best term for Zionist Jews, is Zionist Jewish Apostates. They have clearly rejected the commandments of the Torah forbidding establishing an earthly State and commanding them to remain “among the nations” until the Messiah comes. They’ve murdered, and they’ve stolen. And they do NOT represent the practice of real Judaism: Adherence to the Torah’s 10 commandments and 613 laws. They’ve brought ruin and disgrace and Antisemitism upon all Jews.
Zionism is a policy of the Third Reich.

Is the media controlled by Jews? No. It’s controlled by Zionist Jewish Apostates who’ve done to Judaism exactly what Radical Jihadists have done to Islam. The American media is 100 percent controlled by them, as is international banking, the dollar, and the United States. They are international gangsters, falsely hiding behind a usurped Jewish identity, nothing more. Their six pointed star’s origins are not even Hebrew but Babylonian. The Star of Moses has five points. They’re not “Semites”, nor does being a real Jew require one to be a Semite. It requires obedience to the Torah. “Antisemitism” is “newspeak”, a lie. “Israel” as a Jewish national state, is blasphemous under Jewish law. What can stop them. Wrong question. They are the most hated nation on earth. The outrage around the world against them grows on their murderous fascist imposition like a cancer.

Israel can not possibly survive. They can kill as many people opposing them, as their superior technology allows them to, but they can not kill the contempt it grows.

We now Question: Has the basic American Christian identity also been stolen by the same Zionist movement?? Remember the America that was once respected and loved by most? Have foreign lobbies and influence of the corrupt zionist syndicate become the occupiers of our governments, local,
state, and federal ? Are our universities also becoming occupied by the foreign  Zionist movement?

How nieve Americans have become, totally deficient in worldly wisdom or informed judgement. OPEN your eyes and ears.

The ZOA Campus Activism Network publishes a national student pro-Israel magazine, The College Zionist.

THE ZIONISH  WALL:   Peace4All–Take  down the Wall.   New book coming soon .

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