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John Yoo and Jay Bybee, engaged in “professional misconduct.”

The Department of Justice issued its report on the actions of the DoJ lawyers who authored the   legal memos authorizing torture. The report from the DoJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility concluding that the attorneys, specifically John Yoo and Jay Bybee, engaged in “professional misconduct.”  Associate Deputy Attorney General David Margolis found that the lawyers exercised “poor judgment.” The OPR finding would under normal circumstances require transmittal to the state bar for disciplinary proceedings. However, Mr. Margolis, a 17-year employee of the DoJ who was in a supervisory position when the legal memos were written, has specifically refused to allow the OPR report to be transmitted.

Help us push this campaign into the media by writing letters to the editor, linking to it on your websites and Facebook pages, and Twittering.  To increase the volume on this campaign, help we can’t do this with out you contributing your in-put to this campaign. We are very much aware of the media  conglomerates, their ownership Our campaign attorney will file the DoJ/OPR findings with the various state bar disciplinary committees. These committees are already reviewing the complaints filed last summer against 15 of the most culpable torture lawyers as part of our work to ensure accountability for their heinous actions. We are asking that disbarment proceedings proceed quickly in light of these reports.

Our concerns are not limited to the lawyers in this case.Official & professional misconduct, is and has been for the last several years, ramped in federal,  State, and  local governments. Highly infultrated by special interest groups, and foreign interest money. Nothing absolutely nothing is being done in the best interest of the American people. With AIPAC at the helm, the Zionist organized crime syndicate influences all agencies, even to the point of controlling the think tanks officials take their orders from. If not cooperated with assassinations occur, sabotage, and attacks on both domestic and foreign assets & interest. Our primary threat is AIPAC, Israel, and mossad agents. Over the same period, international law and community is held at bay by USA officials who are corrupted by bribes, donations, and grituites. IF we have any official that has not been on a free vacation to Israel (Tel Aviv), that we call a brain washing tour. Then they will be going soon, or their career is


We all were filled with HOPE FOR CHANGE, but with the strong strangle-hold on congress, other officials and  religious leaders we get nothing but more war. Even spiritual  warfare. Voters beware!!  We need a third party to rebuild a democracy here in America.

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