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The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress has condemned the arrest of the Deputy Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Ho. Saliu Adeoti by armed policemen as just another confirmation of the illegal use of the police by the to intimidate and harass other parties to submission.

The party therefore called for the immediate and unconditional release of Hon. Adeoti as going further to hold him in captivity stands to flare the passion raised by the criminal manner the April 25 re-run election in Ekiti was stolen by the PDP with the help of both INEC and the police.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the party’s Lagos State Publicity Secretary, Joe Igbokwe, Lagos AC wondered why those that indulged in widespread violence and destruction in order to steal the mandate of the people of Ekiti are roaming free while their victims are being hunted by the police. It insists that the present police action is being informed by the need to ensure that the electoral robbers are allowed freedom to enjoy their loot while the people of Ekiti are being suppressed to demand for their stolen mandate.

“We are aware that Hon, Adeoti has a valid court order against arrest by the state police which has not done anything to hide its penchant to enforce the dubious intrigues of the PDP and the illegal government in place in Ekiti. We are aware that what the police is doing in arresting Hon. Adeoti is to enforce the devilish desires of the PDP, which brooks no resistance to its predilection to steal electoral victories even where its unpopularity is not in doubt.

“Lagos AC is aware that the police is gradually burying the case of that shameless senator that housed a platoon of thugs in his house with which he inflicted real terror on innocent people of Ekiti on the day of the re-run election. We are aware that it has done nothing to arrest and prosecute the other senator from a neighboring state who shipped in a platoon of hoodlums and armed thugs into Ekiti a day before the re-run election and quartered them in the government house. We are aware that the police have not gone after the known hoodlums that attacked such people as Senator Agunbiade, Dr. Abubakar Momoh and his six other colleagues who came to monitor the bye-election monitors who were brutalized by sponsored thugs in the presence of the police who latter arrested them and further brutalized them. We know that the police are aware of those that openly and without shame stole in fake results with which the PDP claimed a dubious victory in the re-run election. We are aware that the police knew everything about the N250 million bribery with which the PDP purchased the fake results from Ido Osi with which they are now wielding a fraudulent victory.

“We are nit surprised that instead of going after the criminals that committed these acts, the police is collaborating with them to haunt and persecute those that stood solidly against their nefarious acts. What is more, the police is so desperate to satisfy the base and wild desires of the PDP that it is violating a valid court order to arrest Hon. Adeoti. We warn that the country is having enough of the bestial attitude of the PDP as well as its reckless penchant to use the police to prosecute its dubious intents.

“We call for the immediate and unconditional release of Hon. Adeoti who is a prisoner of war in PDP’s enlarging enclave of lawlessness and vendetta. We warn that the PDP and the police risk plunging the country into anarchy and doom if they go deploying state coercive forces to cow and battle the opposition.”

Joe Igbokwe.

Publicity Secretary,

Lagos AC.

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