Niger Delta

NIGERIA: Ex-militant commanders warn kidnappers in Niger Delta


EX-militant commanders in the Niger Delta region have warned hoodlums to desist from further acts of kidnapping in the region.

In a statement under the aegis of Leadership Forum for Peace, the former militant commanders, who spoke through ‘General’ Reuben Wilson, said they would not tolerate further acts of kidnapping for ransom in the region.

Wilson said the ex-militant commanders had to locate, secure and release of six foreigners who were recently taken hostage in Bayelsa State.

Those rescued by the ex- militant commanders in Bayelsa were two Indians, one Russian and three Ukrainians.

He said they were worried over the damage the rising cases of kidnapping were causing the region, stressing that they were set to rid the region of kidnappers.

According to them, the Federal Government had shown appreciable degree of concern over the challenges of underdevelopment in the area, so there was need to create a conducive environment for government to achieve its development goals in the region.

He noted that there was no justification for continued kidnapping in the region with the Federal Government’s amnesty programme on course.

He said: “We took the pains to go into the creeks that we left some years back to look for and rescue all the abducted foreign workers because it was shameful and degrading that some disgruntled elements are still thinking of kidnapping people in times like these, when the amnesty programme has been on course.

“Rather than engage in activities that will drive the name of the Niger Delta in the mud, we should all join hands in supporting the developmental initiatives of the government. Kidnapping does not pay.”

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