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Letter to Sorious Samura: About your documentary on the BBC Newsnight by Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

Dear Sorious Samura,

I am writing in reaction to all your documentaries on Africa and recently your documentary on Illegal Immigration pt1: Destination U and  Illegal Immigration pt2: Black economy

Throughout this week Newsnight in BBC Channel, they have  been programming your documentary with the issue of illegal immigration in Britain. you have produced three  reports on the subject, involving undercover filming to test the boundaries of the British immigration system and expose a lot immigrants and  Africans to a danger of being imprisoned or seen as criminals even when most of them may be legal migrant.

I am surprise to learn that you use to be an illegal immigrant. Now you are acting as an undercover to implicate the illegal immigrants who were like you before. It is also so sad that you have been bought by the so called western media simply because of money. Just to give you an advice traitor

You have a lot to cover if you want to spend your life as a film maker. You should cover the western marginalization on Africa and African people. You should cover why UK quickly sanctioned Zimbabwe for election fraud  but not china or Russia for real human rights abuses and ethnic cleansing and invasion You should cover the hypocrisy of the UK and US in rebuilding alliance with Libya because of their Oil and  because of Russia recent threat on her energy policy. You should cover how they exploited African people and how they are currently exploiting African people both in that country you live and elsewhere. You should cover how they treat even legal immigrants that have legal papers in UK by not giving them good jobs and taking them as second citizens. You should cover their racism and how they treat Africans in that country and even how they are treated in their stupid British airways why flying with African country passports. You should cover also things happening in London streets and show those  drunken idiots on the street of London to the world. You should  try to show the world that they also have beggars, drunkards, and mad people and poor people too in their country. You should cover the double standard of UK, US when dealing with Africa

UK and BBC should stop their play holy tactics and pretense and concentrate on their countries and solve their problem and leave Africa alone

They should do documentary about their country after all, BBC is suppose to be for their community.

You are a disgrace to African race¦ we don't need traitors like you who choose to please the so called white because of money. You escaped Africa to Europe as illegal immigrant and yet have documentary on how to get those people like you. Who is fooling who? I am so sorry to have people like you on the forefront of exploitation of Africa. Have you been to Abuja to cover their great development, Have you been to other countries in Africa to see their great achievements.  We as an organization are fighting for our Future Africa and you are there collaborating with the western media to destroy it.

You have not shown yet how those countries, you are talking of in Africa should change. But you can show how bad they are

Maybe you should go and change your color to white and come out well to act like them than pretending to be of Africa and using it to exploit Africans in showing only the bad sides of them .

Are you not ashamed of yourself?

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Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
Anthony-Claret is a software Engineer, entrepreneur and the founder of Codewit INC and CEO of Portia Web Solutions. Mr. Claret publishes and manages the content on Codewit Word News website and associated websits. He's a writer, IT Expert, great administrator, technology enthusiast, social media lover and all around digital guy.

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