Pastor Arrested In Policeman’s Bedroom While He Was Trying To Have Séx With Policeman’s Wife

A 50-year-old pastor of one of the pentecostal churches in Nigeria was yesterday arrested in a mobile police officer’s bedroom at Iyaba Umudim, Nnewi in Anambra State. 

He was allegedly trying to make love to the policeman’s wife. Unknowing to the pastor, the policeman was lying in wait for him.

The suspect, a father of four from Ngwa in Abia State was said to have been making love advances to the policeman’s wife as the two families lived in the same building and the woman had always rejected.

It was gathered that the woman had always told the randy pastor to let her alone each time he tried to seduce her even though the pastor was said to have promised her N50, 000 for a start if she allowed him have séx with her.

Also, the woman always relayed the pastor’s advances to her husband who asked her to play along with the pastor.

The pastor’s alleged sin caught up with him yesterday when he called the woman’s husband, serving with Mopol 29, Awka on phone at about 4:00pm asking him whether he would return to Nnewi after work and the policeman told him (the pastor) that he had a special assignment in Asaba, Delta State.

The police officer said: “The pastor apparently happy started praying for me that God would protect me in my journey, and all that, and I said Amen, but he did not know that I was already in Nnewi when I answered his call.”

The police officer said he later secretly returned to his house having arranged with his wife to catch the randy man. At the wee hours, according to him, he ‘laid ambush’ in his bedroom waiting for the pastor’s next action.

“It was around 2:23am when the pastor came and we left the sitting room open. He tiptoed into the sitting room with only his trousers and singlet on him, coming bare-footed and sat down in the palour.

“He called my wife who came out from the bedroom to welcome him. Minutes after, he requested that he and my wife should go into the bedroom and he was ushered in. He flashed his torchlight in the bedroom and appeared to have a premonition as my wife went back to luck the door at the sitting room. Then he had taken his position on the bed and suddenly, I came out from my hiding place in the bedroom and gripped him and a fight ensued.

“He gave me several bites on my left arm and fingers. By then the fight had taken us to the sitting room where my plasma television, handset and other property were destroyed in his struggle to free himself. If not for other sympathizers who were attracted to the noise he would not have been over powered,” the policeman recounted.

He said members of the vigilance group were later invited as the pastor pleaded for forgiveness attributing his action to the work of the devil and promised to pay for the damaged property and any amount of money for him to be set free and the incident concealed.

He was, however, taken to Nnewi Central Police Station for further investigation.

Contacted, the Anambra State police image-maker, Mr. Emeka Chukwuemeka said he had not been briefed on the incident.

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