Extraordinary Bodies/Signs In The Heavens, Jesus Return Is Imminent

This second sun story  is the story of the century.  The following images are the 'signs in the heavens' Jesus said to watch for. It is now time for His return. Read the recent prophecies about this phenomena at the  excerpt below.. The videos, the images, and the prophecies are all mind boggling!

Over California May 31 2012


Over Melbourne Australia May 27 2012

Over USA August 12 2012 This is an amazing video, watch it! Link Here and or Here

Manchester UK This video is important, it captures the large one and three smaller ones

This is the biggest story of modern times!

Here is an excerpt from the prophecy……

And, eyes, which can see, will see My hand in all things! For, in the heavens come lights and bodies, which did not previously exist! A dread is upon the planets; for there comes a great upsurge in My power, a great tearing, a great splitting in the heavens! In the cosmos, bitter signs! Two suns! Now, three lights! All foreboding of a terrible upheaval in the earth! A splitting and a cracking! Terrible cracking in the earth! Waves so high! Terrible waves, with some thinking that the waves are as high as the sky!

Oh, so dreadful are the days, which are upon the whole earth; and My hand is outstretched still. What is your choice, oh you wayward ones? Will you love money until death? Will you love the world and what is in it until your death? Will you remain a slave to the flesh? Will you continue to worship the flesh and all of its earthly pleasures?

I tell you that there comes a snap, a very great snap, like a lightening snap and this snap of light will beat the earth! It will burn the earth! It will burn it and will cut deeply into the earth.

A fury! Yes, a fury in the earth! And, the power will blink and fail! Oh, what a tale to tell! A blinking! A dread! So terrible, indeed; for those in the world would not heed My word! They would not listen! They would not obey Me! And, in the dark, they will ponder their choices!

Oh, so great shall be the calamities and the lawlessness, and the violence and the gang warfare! Every man for himself! Every wicked deed, no longer in secret, but open and revealed!”

“Oh, Lord, Your words are so urgent! Your warnings are so grave, so serious! Father, what do You mean by all of this?”

“My Little One, from the sun comes great trouble, more trouble than anyone could ever imagine! For, there is not one sun, but two! And, now, not only two suns, but see! Three more!”

Wake up people, Linda Newkirk is not a false prophet, the story of Revelation 12 at is true!

Those who have blashemed the holy works of Revelation 12 need to repent now before it is too late.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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