Developing Your Mindset (Mental Reasoning)

Research in psychology reveals that the mind of a child is nothing but a “Tabular Rasa”, (Sigmund Freud). In other words the child develops and gathers information from his experiential environment. As this psychologist put it, a grown child can no longer remember all that happened within his environment in his earlier stage in life. But we should be aware of the fact that a child’s mind adapts faster to his experiential environment despite his immediate reactions being unnoticeable. The Development of the mindset depends on the individual though it can best be achieved through self-meditation, critical reasoning, self-discipline and focusing.The mind is an intellectual capability and brain power that encapsulates understanding, reasoning etc. in other words called the brain box.

 Many studies reveal that the brain can store 100 trillion facts and the mind can handle 15000 decisions per second. This is to say that we make less use of our brain power and mind, as in the words of one report — “Most men go through college and learn to read Virgil and the mystery of calculus without discovering how their own mind function”.

The word 'meditation' and 'speculation' both deal with abstract reasoning but they represent different realities, meditation deals with contemplation, critical thinking, consideration, concentration, rumination, reflection etc, while 'speculation' is to do with guesswork, wondering assumption, hearsay etc.

A famous scientist named Tesla was able to perform integral calculus in his head. This mental ability made his teacher suspect that he was cheating. when coming up with an invention, he would rely on moments of inspiration when he perceived the invention in his brain in precise detail before moving on to the construction stage

self-discipline can pave the way for strategic reckoning which is described as clear and ingenuous reasoning that focused on the right thing at the right time. Sir Isaac Newton is one such example. He would come up with invention through self-discipline and great concentration. Despite an unhappy childhood, poor financial support while in college, having been regarded as one without talent or interest, he persisted with his passion and zeal for learning.

In order to follow in the footsteps of these great achievers, one has to have determination and willingness, set a goal and write down the objectives to guide one down the path. But success boils down to being able to control your will and mind, displaying qualities such as self-discipline, critical thinking, focus and the ability to look within oneself as in meditation

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