What you should know before engraving your wedding ring

Engraving your wedding ring with love quotes, a special date or the couple's names, makes the jewelry much more personal and meaningful.

Having certain words etched on rings is a traditional act that goes way back to the medieval eras.

While some couples may choose to have their names inscribed on the inside of their bands, others prefer to have their wedding date on it, that way they will never forget their anniversary.

That said, there are some important things you need to consider before you and your partner go ahead and engrave your wedding bands.

    The importance of ring engraving: While ring engraving has different significance to different people, the two main reasons why it is done are; (a) it is a romantic gesture, and (b) in order for the bride to have the assurance that her groom won't forget the wedding anniversary, because traditionally, couples have their wedding date etched into the rings. Also, engraving makes the rings very personal.

    When it should be done: The best time to have your rings engraved is when they are being made, though there is no problem with doing it later, especially if you want your engagement ring engraved as well.

    How to get it done: The first step is to talk to the jeweller you bought or are buying the rings from. However, if you're working with an independent designer, they can easily engrave the rings during the creation process.

    The cost of engraving rings: Prices vary depending on individual jeweller, but prices can start from as little as N11,966 per ring for basic engraving. Although the price can increase to a few hundreds of Naira if you were to include diamonds or other stones.

    What to engrave on the ring: Usually, couples opt for the following; the date and name of their partner; each other's nicknames; the wedding date separated with each other's birthstone (for instance 12.08.15); a memorable line (for example 'A Whole New World') or a diamond set on the inside of the band.

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