Things female patients do that tick off medics

Emmanuel Bua, stenographer at Malcom Health Centre, Kibuye.It annoys me when some patients ask me to do unethical things like lie about how far along their pregnancy is. This mostly happens when a woman is lying about the paternity of the baby she is carrying.

So she comes in, tells you the whole story and asks you to alter the medical results. But some men make follow-ups with the hospitals where their wives go for antenatal care. It annoys when they dismiss me as a bad doctor when I try to counsel them.

Most female patients are also impatient; they always want to be considered first more especially when they are of a high class. They totally forget the other people in the queue are also patients who need my attention.

Carol Nuwabasa, a nurse at Jackie Clinic, Bbunga
The poor hygiene. Some women don’t wash up before coming to hospital for treatment, even when they are coming for vaginal examinations. Others do not want to shave and dare to say they are too busy.

Other women are quite stubborn. They tend to think they know better than us who are attending to them, and they want to direct you on what to do. Female patients are also poor time keeprs so waste alot of time.

Winfred Nakawesi, Baccalaureate nurse at Malcom Health Centre
They are dishonest. They ask you to help them fleece their husbands by exaggarating the bills yet I have to make records in the hospital book too.

They don’t seem to realise that they are putting my job at risk, that doing that means risking my job. The pregnant mothers who come in dressed inappropriately in tight jeans and tops are annoying. They claim they want to remain fashionable but it is at the risk of the unborn child.

Magderine Lubega, mid wife and director Bbunga Maternity Home
I have practiced midwifery for so many years and the most things I have realised with female patients are poor hygiene and self-medication. They also tend to disregard your directions for what they think they know.

Proscovia Namuli, nurse at Bbunga Maternity Home
The ones who disregard your instructions during child delivery are annoying. Because they don’t corporate, I end up getting rude because I don’t want her and the baby to die in my hands or even the baby getting asphyxiated.

Alex Kakoraki Amooti, doctor at Murchison Bay Hospital in Luzira
The impatience of female patients irritates me. She wants to be attended to the moment she comes in, regardless of who else is in the queue and at what time they came in. The other thing is that most female patients are not easily satisfied. They keep asking about the same thing forgeting the other patients waiting.

They also never follow proper medical instructions, especially expectant mothers and women with terminal illnesses. Others do not complete the treatment as prescribed thus messing up the whole treatment cycle. It generally seems to take me longer to treat a female patient than it would a man.

explaining the midwife position
When a statement begins with “rude” it usually ends in “midwife”. Yet it is not as often that the accused is given the opportunity to explain themselves. One midwife tries to shade light on some of the accusations forwarded towards them and explains their position in the labour ward.
Annoying things women do in the labour ward

Not following instructions from the midwife because they feel they know more than she does. Secondly, some women are rude and ask irritating questions like how much you are paid, or whether you have washed your hands. Some mothers are also rude and abusive to the point of slapping midwives.

At times, its their husbands who slap midwives. There are women you ask to push the baby and their reply is, “I’m tired” then they close their legs endangering the baby. When you say, “You are going to kill your baby,” she replies, “Let it die.” There are also times you request a woman to stop pushing maybe because the cord is around the baby’s neck and needs cutting but she instead pushes. Some women even get into serious arguments with midwives during labour.

Why would a midwife be rude to a labouring mother?
Just like there are aggressive and rude nuns, priests and pastors, there are also some midwives and medical personnel who are naturally rude. It depends on one’s character and whether midwifery is one’s calling or not.

What is ideally expected of a midwife?
Kindness, empathy and friendliness to the woman in labour. Before delivery, she can give the mother black tea to rehydrate her as well as call a doctor to examine her.

A midwife should not leave the expectant mother alone or should inform her when stepping out. She should cheer her on as she pushes the baby. To encourage her, the midwife can say, “You are doing good, you are the best mother in the world even when the woman is not doing much.”
A midwife should also always record whatever goes on in the labour ward

When is she required to get tough with her patient?
When the expectant mother does contrary to the midwife’s instructions thus endangering herself and the baby. For example, a woman might decide to sit or close her legs when it is time to push the baby. A midwife might also send nervous or loud relatives out of the labour ward because they distract the patient.

What does a woman do with a rude midwife?
Being rude in return will not help the situation. Instead, do everything the midwife instructs you to do. If there is an option of changing a midwife, which you can request for without disclosing your reasons to the in charge.

However, if you are stuck with that midwife, remember that she is only going to be with you for a few hours. After your safe delivery, try to talk to the rude midwife about her rudeness because if she listens, this might help other women.

What do midwives wish women knew?
That not all things on the internet are genuine and that attending antenatal care early can spare them the mishaps in the labour ward.
They should also respect people’s professions because if they knew it all, they would not have to come to hospital for our help.

Do not be rude to a rude midwife. Husbands are very important support to a mother, so, involve them in antenatal care sessions, baby shopping and come along with them to the labour ward.

When is a midwife pushed to be rude or violent towards a patient?

When the expectant mother is abusive or gives up on pushing the baby and claiming she is tired. However, some women like being slapped while others are accustomed to being shouted at before they do something they are asked to.

What could women do better?
Not showing doctors and midwives that they are experts and informing them about conditions like high blood pressure before delivery. Also, an expectant mother should come to the hospital as soon as she gets contractions to avoid panic.

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