The Confessions of the Heart

The Confessions of the HeartNote: While going over the confessions, thoughts, emotions and feelings will arise.  This is your opportunity to acknowledge, forgive and release these burdens from your heart and send them into the Christ Light.  Your heart must be as light as a feather to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and escape the confines of reincarnation.  ~Namaste~
Hail to you, great Christ, and Sophia, Creators of the Two Truths.  I come to you so I may behold thy beauties.  I know thee, I know thy name, I know the Masters, the keepers of my heart, who are with you in the Hall of the Two Truths, who live by warding off evildoers.  In truth I come to you.  I have done away sin for you.  Now, I stand here before you.
O my heart, which I had from my mother!  O my heart, which I had from my mother!  O my heart of all my different ages!  Do not stand up as a witness against me.  Do not be opposed to me in the tribunal.  Do not be hostile to me in the presence of the keepers of my heart’s Balance.
I Confess:
I do not commit sin.
I do not steal in violence.
I do not take without permission.
I do not kill humans.
I do not give order for murder to be committed.
I do not sabotage myself or others.
I AM not greedy and do not take more than I need.
I do not use my power over others.
I do not claim ownership over any part of Gaia, over any person, or over anything that is of Christ.
I do not utter lies.
I do not pretend to be that which I am not.
I do not purposely distort the truth to make myself feel or look better in anothers eyes.
I do not waste food.
I do not cause anyone to go hungry, nor deny food to the hungry.
I do not feed off the energy of others.
I do not deny myself what is needed to nourish myself.
I do not utter curses.
I do not commit adultery in thought, word, and deed.
I do not add or take away from the truth.
I do not make anyone weep.
I do not selfishly manipulate another for my own ambition and gain.
I do not live my life in fear of being right or wrong.
I do not attack anyone.
I do not abandon my connection to Christ.
I do not deceive myself or others.
I do not think myself better or less than others.
I do not scheme or manipulate to get what is not mine.
I am not an eavesdropper.
I do not discuss anothe’s secrets shared with me in confidence.
I do not make promises I cannot keep.
I do not slander nor put anyone down.
I do not judge.
I do not get angry without just cause.
I am not self righteous for myself or Christ.
I have not done anything to manipulate or break up a partnership.
I do not pollute my temple.
I do not terrorize anyone, or cause another to enter fear.
I do not live my life in ignorance of divine order, or resist divine law.
I do not live my life in drudgery.
I do not set the beast in me upon another, entertain murderous thoughts, or want to hurt myself or others.
I do not shut my ears or eyes to words and acts of truth.
I do not live my life in hope.
I do not blaspheme or sin against love.
I am not a person of violence to myself or others.
I am not a stirrer of strife.
I do not act with undue haste, desperation, or impatience.
I do not seek to control or invade others.
I do not multiply my words in speaking in judgment unnecessarily.
I do not gossip.
I do not break silence out of fear.
I do no wrong; I do no evil.
I do not make others or my own self feel guilty.
I do not work witchcraft against anyone.
I do not stop the flow of truth, or deny the expression of truth in myself or others.
I do not stay silent when truth needs to be spoken.
I do not act small to hide my light.
I do not raise my voice.
I not curse Christ or Pistis Sophia or play the victim.
I do not give responsibility for my actions to anything or anyone else.
I do not act with arrogance.
I am not self absorbed or ignore the needs of others.
I do not allow fear to stop me from serving others.
I do not try to make excuses for my small self or defend my position.
I do not separate human from divine or place them apart.
I do not dishonor another’s choices, gifts, or path.
I do not try to keep for myself that which should go to Christ.
I do not betray or taint the purity of the child within or without.
I do not dishonor, claim ownership, or destroy the animal or devic kingdoms.
I do not leave any stone unturned in my search for the Divine.
I AM pure.  I AM pure. I AM pure.  O Judges of the Day of Truth.  I affirm to each of you to hold the corners of the Pure Land from where you come.  Witness that I AM pure!  This I declare in front of you, O Masters of my heart, Christ and Pistis Sophia.  Hold the Lands witness to the purity, I Confess!

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