Is it Possible to Predetermine a “Genius” at Conception?

Pregnant WomanI am sure I will not be able to thank you enough because of the inestimable value of knowledge you have by your publication of September 25th, 2004 in THISDAY, The Saturday Newspaper titled, “How to Determine the Sex of Your Baby” impacted on me.

I want to state that by this creative, mastering and wonderful piece, you would have solved more than one million and one questions in the minds of most men and women who have been fortunately and unfortunately caught red-handed in the life threatening cycle of self-imposed search for either male or female child.   

I would like to find out if there can be scientific proof/support for these or if they can be said to be true at all:

Does the time of sex with your wife in anyway influence the behaviour of the unborn baby if that particular meeting resulted in pregnancy?  I am asking this question because I read in a book whose title and author I cannot readily remember now that if for example you make love to your wife in the early hours of a new day, the resultant pregnancy (babies) whether male or female are always followers of other people’s idea. In other words, that they do not always initiate their independent ideas whereas those who make love between the hours of 10pm and 2pm that resulted in pregnancy will always have children who will turn out to be geniuses (initiators of ideas and great leaders).  Is this true? 

My prayer is that God will continue to endow you with more and more grace, knowledge ability and the determination to do more on this page and others so that more and more people will have the privilege of benefiting from your vast knowledge and teachings.

Dear Sylvester,

Your letter above was quite flattering and definitely encouraging.
Meanwhile, I beg to differ with the postulation that the time of sexual mating during the day has a relationship with giving birth to children that will end up as predetermined followers or initiators of ideas.

Such postulations are part of the idealist conception of events and developments in general, which have no scientific bearings whatsoever.  What we become, socially speaking, later in life is more of how we have been nurtured by our environment. In general, ideas that we communicate outside are processed outputs of what was previously injected into us from the society. Nobody brings any de novo idea from “heaven”; all brilliant ideas have basic building blocks from some previously existing ideas.

Hence, mating during the night or day will make no difference in the pregnancy and birth of a genius or one that simply follows others, for that matter.

This also reminds me of those cultures, where the belief is that day-time mating commonly results in the birth of male child whilst the converse is true for the female child; that is, mating around midnight will lead to the conception of a female child.

Just as I have written on this column in the past, the prospective sex of a child is not predetermined by the time of the day or the period of the year for that matter.

Although, some timing is involved, it is not with regard to timing of day and night but a biological clock in the lady’s body, which correspond to her peculiar monthly cycle. This is the only physical timing that is relevant to which sex a baby in the making might take.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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