Saudi Arabia on the eve of an impending coup against Crown Prince

As Saudi Prince Meshaal bin Abdulaziz made up a plan to receive a huge amount of money to topple Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef and elevate Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman to the position of Crown Prince, Saudi Arabia seems to be preparing for of an impending coup d’état.

After disputes surged over the appointment of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Meshaal bin Abdulaziz, who is the former chairman of Saudi Arabia’s Allegiance Commission, decided to leave the country. King Salman then wrote him a letter and asked to return. Meshaal bin Abdulaziz demanded a large sum of money as a precondition for his returning to the country so that he could implement Muhammed bin Salman’s plan of rising to a higher position.

Till now, Muhammed bin Salman has gained 28 of 40 Allegiance Commission votes and certainly has no obstacle to achieve power. The matter is not about the time or the change of coup process, what matters more is the time of announcing the coup and delegating the rule to bin Salman.  

On December 2015, after having been dismissed from the post of the crown prince and being replaced by Muhammad bin Nayef (Muhammad bin Salman being appointed to the position of deputy crown prince), something that was attributed to the Allegiance Commission, Meshaal bin Abdulaziz left Saudi Arabia for Switzerland.

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