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A lion in a lock in

King of the jungle, he was called
So he roared and others he killed
With iron fist he ruled his domain
His dictates were laws of life and death

In the jungle, he was known as lord
Now he has become meek as lamb
A king has pleaded like servant!
Trapped in iron cage, the great lion of Africa suffers

As he watches his strengths start to leave
And his grip on power loosened
He sees his entire world going out of colors;
Fading of all beauties; his future collapsed

All the splendors of his pride is striped
The lion king is now locked up in iron strands
Prison becomes like home, where nothing exists except pains
For all ill he did he must pay

Sadness invades him like a city beseeched by warrior archers
As he pants and grunts and battles his aches
The stronger the lion, the more helpless when caught
Once, the great king of the jungle; now a captive
In that land of times when he reigned
He was full of riddles

He acted as an invincible force
And pushed an entire land into a fiery furnace
By then he was the great valiant
Now he becomes a coward and a victim

With all his murderous instincts caged
He dwells alone in prison, waiting to answer cases
He is misery-stricken, friendless, and recluse
Brooding thoughts like a goat, quiet in rest

Chewing endless cord, pondering
Perplexities of his fate left his strong mind panicky
Deepening his pain; darkening his glee
And every one watched the humiliated burly growl.

“Power/glory is like a circle in the water, which never ceases to enlarge itself, until by broad spreading, it disappears into naught”. Says the historical sage—Shakespeare. For all those who felt the horrible callousness of the tyrannical led government of Charles Tailor, his standing trial in the international court of justice offers a beacon of hope and relieve. Tailor is one of the jungle warlords Africa would ever remember. The callous activities of his government had reached its climax in: crimes against humanity, terrorism, war crimes, recruitment of child solders, forced labor to measure only but the worst few. He is a man of barbarism and brute who funded the vicious Revolutionary United Font (RUF) responsible in hacking off people’s hands. The trial of Charles Tailor should remind the rest of the African barbarians to be careful what they do. This caution is crossly reflected to what is currently happening in southern Africa. We must be ready to take responsibility of our action.

CSN: 36601-2008-02-48

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