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am sure we r all doing ok. i just join dis club now now cos of the kind of tins wey i read concerning my president fine or no fine…dats not my issue, weda obj prreettyy or not he is the president of the most powerfull black country in the solar system. my problem is the way most of you guys out there have tunred this forum to a yabis centre saying all mana of sh++t to one anoda. pls lets be mo mature wen we are faced with delicate questions (though not like the urgly president Q)that reqiuers thougthfulness & inteligence to answer. we should be more serious in asking questions that would add value to us all and encourage people to contribute meaninfully. lets not make a joke out of evry tin and at the end of the day noting is added to oue lives economically, socially, acedemically even spiritually. so i beg you asorokers to be more mature in your approch to issues especially you guys outside the shores of NIGERIA. i know there is a joke segment go there and say all ya sh))t.ENJOY

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