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UNICEF: ‘At least 100 people use one toilet in Dolari camp’ – Body decries health conditions in camp

UNICEF has reported that the nutrition and health status of women and children in the Dolari camp for Internally Displaced People (IDP) is very poor. According to Ms Jean Gough, Country Representative of UNICEF who quoted a report compiled by the group, the Dolari camp had a population as high as 15,000 persons and suffered […]


Ebola: ‘Chances of disease killing a person is based on their genetic make-up’ – New study says

New research has shown that the Ebola virus that killed over 11,000 people  did not mutate at a faster rate than in previous outbreaks. This is contrary to research conducted early in the outbreak which suggested the virus was mutating at twice the rate previously seen. Describing the find as reassuring,  researchers said the mutation […]