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Obama urges volunteers to help him pass agenda

President Obama told volunteers who helped get him elected on Monday that the economy is recovering from its near-collapse in 2008, but more work remains before middle class families can feel fully secure.
"We've gotten back on level ground," Obama said, "but now we've got to keep climbing, we've got to keep going."
Obama, who is preparing a series of speeches on jobs and the economy that starts Wednesday, said he will outline "where we need to go from here."
Speaking Monday night to Organizing For Action, a group of volunteers created from the remnants of his 2008 and 2012 campaigns, Obama said he needs them to stay active and pressure Congress into helping him deliver on his agenda.
Among the items he cited: Getting an immigration bill through the Republican-run House, putting the new health care plan in place later this year, and pursuing climate change legislation.
Obama told OFA members they have already been working as hard now as they did during his successful presidential campaigns.
"I could not be prouder," he said.

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