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Mom Throws Infant at Deputy in Getaway Bid

How is it possible to rack up charges for shoplifting and child abuse at the same time? By tossing your infant daughter at the deputy coming to arrest you. Police say Pensacola's Ashley Wright, 23, was spotted by a store employee hiding about $250 worth of (adult) clothes in her daughter's baby stroller, reports WJHG. When she left the store and got in her car, a deputy approached and ordered her out. She refused, and held the baby carrier between him and her, saying, "You will have to shoot through the baby to get to me," reports the Smoking Gun.
She then got out of the car and started running, still carrying the baby carrier. As the deputy chased her, she "threw the baby carrier … at me, about shoulder height," he writes. She missed, but the 3-month-old wasn't injured. Wright, however, soon fell and was arrested. She later told police that her "night of bad decisions" probably had something to do with the beer she drank earlier.
SOURCE: newser

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