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Abortion protests heat up in Texas as pro-choicers taped yelling ‘Hail Satan’

Abortion protests heat up in Texas as pro-choicers taped yelling ‘Hail Satan’It doesn’t get any more polarizing than God and the Devil.

As tensions over the abortion debate intensified at the Texas state legislature Tuesday, a religious-themed face-off took place in the form of a handful of hell-raising pro-choicers shouting “hail Satan” as pro-lifers swayed and sang “Amazing Grace.”

The scratchy video footage was quickly disseminated across conservative, anti-abortion websites — handy ammunition against pro-choicers who’ve been celebrating Democratic state senator Wendy Davis’ 13-hour filibuster last week that blocked a bill that would effectively ban abortions state-wide.

“It’s taken us all day to get a video recording,” wrote the bloggers at Cahnman’s Musings. “For the record: They’ve been doing this all day, this is just the first time we caught it on video.”

The Twitchy amassed evidence in the form of tweets from pro-lifers in attendance reporting the devil trying to infiltrate their circle.

Of course, there were also tweets from media covering the protests and the debate over the abortion bill, ongoing in the legislature.

Pro-lifers were also outraged by a photo of a woman attending the protest with what appears to be her children, holding up signs that read “If I Wanted the Government in my Womb, I Would F*** a senator.”

Two of the other children in the photo held signs that read “Every Child a Wanted Child.”

The expletive-laced phrase was apparently coined by Oklahoma District 11 State Senator Judy Eason McIntyre, who hoisted a sign with the statement at a protest outside her state’s legislature in February of last year.

On Monday, thousands of protesters stood in the Texas state Capitol to protest the Senate House Bill, which was passed late Tuesday night after Governor Rick Perry called an emergency session. The Dallas News and Salon created snapshots of the many different (and creative) signs.

“Texas may be open for business, but MY business is NOT open for Texas,” read one on the pro-choice side.

“I’m Human! Why is it legal to kill me?” read a pro-life man’s shirt.

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