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Barrack Obama: ‘Now know that the realities of the his office transcends rhetoric’

Barrack Obama(CODEWIT) Barrack Obama surely now believe G W Bush when the then outgoing former US president warned the president elect that the realities of the office transcends rhetoric.??

The candidate Obama I and so many all over the world adored is quite a different subject than the American president more involved in the things that made me hate his predecessor. Indefinite detentions and drone attacks which are basically extra judicial killings.

??I must confess that I still love Obama for his intelligence but is trying to understand the complex problem facing him. Being president of the most powerful country in the world is actually a very complicated job that does not shy away from incurring the wrath of one side, whichever action or inaction you take.

??The newly sworn in president issued executive orders banning use of “enhanced interrogation technics (torture to you and me) and closing of the JTF detention centre of Guantanamo – Cuba. We can safely assume torture has been stopped but targeted assasinations has increased under Obama. One is left to wonder which one is worse, torture under Bush or more police, judge and executioner under Obama?

??Its very easy to berate Obama for his drone strikes which also kill everybody who happen to be around the intended target at the time of strike. This means being around a target puts you in the same category as the offender be you 85 year woman or 1 month old child. Obama is a constitutional lawyer and surely would never have seen himself capable of this say 8 year ago. His administrations lawyers have been up to their eyes in work trying to justify this actions.

??I think Obama is in a very huge dilemma. His utmost responsibility is to protect American lives and interests. Republicans and hovering around waiting for any terrorist attack to happen so they can beat their chest in glee and say “We told you so”. Obama wanted to close Guantanamo which is one part of it, the other part was what to do with the inmates of the prison. Obama proposed to bring the inmates into the criminal justice system of the US. Trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (mastermind of 9/11) at the scene of his crime (New York) but the Republicans some how convinced New Yorkers that it would be putting all New york at risk. Suddenly the Super power that is America suddenly discovered that it cannot hold high level prisoners. The Obama administration cowardly succumbed to this obvious obfuscation to its plans and dropped its overall strategy. This is why Guantanamo is still open.

??I think it suddenly became clear that killing suspected terrorists is less trouble to arresting them. What would Obama has done with Bin Laden had he been able to arrest him? He was more trouble arrested than shot so I cant bet existing directive to shoot against arrest. The Obama administration are holding terror prisoners at war vessels now for months as reports suggest. All this is not who candidate Obama was.??Its very easy to castigate Obama for these actions but let us look at the options open to him over drones. Not that anybody will take us serious but let us just look at the options open to him.

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