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Time For The Jerry Rawlings Option

Ghana PreseindentThe transformation of Ghana from an erstwhile, vastly corrupt, and poverty stricken nation under the leadership of a kleptomaniac cabal, that necessitated the mass migration and humiliation of Ghanaians at the height of the crunch, to the near miraculous evolution of modern day Ghana into a functional democracy

and an oasis of peace and prosperity, courtesy of the radical action taken by Flight lieutenant Jerry Rawlings, will forever remain a source of inspiration, as a realistic “final solution” to nations like Nigeria that parade a rapacious cabal of “slave masters” masquerading as leaders that have wittingly arrested her development.

There is now no doubt, that without radical action, the slave masters in Aso rock will not relent in their strangulation of the masses. The horrible tragedy Nigeria has become in spite of record resources is in itself evidence of the intentions of the evil despots who have held the nation hostage. For those who harboured any doubts, the last nine years of unprecedented oil boom has finally unravelled the enormity of the problem, and the criminality of the slave master leaders. With record earnings from the oil boom, every possible excuse by apologists of the cabal has dried up in regards to the continuing degradation and decline in all facets of national life. 

Though there are ministries for roads, water resources, power, education, unemployment, and healthcare amongst others, with yearly budgets running into billions, pipe borne water is virtually non-existent, roads are in a terrible state of disrepair, basic healthcare has since gone with the wind, schools are mere formalities, insecurity is a way of life, mass unemployment is the norm, while perpetual darkness as a result of a collapsed power generation capacity has engulfed the entire nation. Ironically, Nigerians got more darkness after $16 billion was purportedly invested in power generation, but diverted into the bottomless pockets of the slave masters in Aso rock. To make matters worse, a nation that ranks as the sixth largest producer of crude oil in the world imports fuel at exorbitant prices for the local consumption of its people.

Whereas nations such as Ghana, South Africa, Indonesia and India with a population in excess of 1 billion enjoy functional democracies where the citizens elect their leaders in free and fair elections, Nigerian elections have broken all known records in fraud and rigging. “Godfatherism” and imposition of “selected” criminals have since replaced democracy as the norm in Nigeria. Add that to the grand looting by successive Nigerian leaders of over $500 billion, a sum in excess of N70 trillion in local currencies. By the scale and scope of the loot, Nigerian leaders constitute the “greatest criminal force” in human history. No other nation on the face of the earth has witnessed such colossal heist (robbery) by its leaders against their people.

At every turn, the monstrous cabal has demonstrated its intentions and determination to keep the masses brutalised, deprived and strangulated without mercy. The dehumanisation of Nigerians has continued unabated with mounting body bags of people killed in frequent unpunished riots. (An estimated 400 has just been killed in Jos) Citizens are routinely beaten, brutalized and sometimes killed by police and military officers paid to protect them. But does anyone care? The slave masters in Aso rock have managed to create a dog-eat-dog jungle of impunity, and the Nigerians nurtured therein have long ceased to be human. It is indeed impossible to be human in a nation where human corpses can be seen on the streets. Our psyches have been so brutally assaulted by the bestialities of our environment, that without knowing it, many of us have degraded considerably in our humanity. This is why perhaps, all manner of atrocities take place in Nigeria, without any corresponding outrage.

Yet, while the unconscionable slave masters in Aso rock continue the stranglehold, decay and madness in Nigeria, around the world, progress oriented nations are taking quantum leaps in the development of their nations. Dubai is an ongoing miracle; China is undergoing the fastest transformation in human history, while India, to name but a few is rapidly industrialising.

Global trends indicate that Nigeria in spite of unprecedented resources is an isolated exception in dysfunction and retrogression. Whereas Nigerian leaders make frequent trips to these progressive nations, they come back determined to maintain the unprogressive status quo. Recent events have proven beyond all reasonable doubts that Nigeria’s damning predicament is a premeditated and intentional decision by an evil and unconscionable cabal of slave masters determined to hold their people down in perpetual slavery. 

Radical problems require radical solutions. The Jerry Rawlings option remains the final solution to rid Nigeria of an unbelievably evil, wicked, corrupt and unprogressive cabal that has kept Nigerians enslaved in abject poverty. The line up of who is who of Nigerian corruption is easy to determine. All former heads of state, military and civilian, all former and serving state governors, military and civilian, all former and serving local government chairmen, all former and serving permanent secretaries and heads of parastatals, all former and serving ministers. This exhaustive list of principal officers of the cabal should face a dose of the Jerry Rawlings medicine after a speedy ad-hoc people’s tribunal to filter out the predictably very few innocents.

The Rawlings option remains a long desired cleansing that will rid the nation of the unpatriotic elements that have for so long held her hostage and arrested her development. Their passing will usher in a new beginning and give Nigerians the opportunity to hold an unfettered Sovereign national conference to determine the terms of nationhood or a final disintegration along ethnically homogenous regional lines. It will also permit the unleashing of the long suppressed industry and creativity of Nigerians, allowing them to reach their potential as some of the most resilient and talented peoples on the face of the earth. The Rawlings option is the final solution.

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