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RidicuList: “I’m no expert on vaginas…but I know enough to know that you are not supposed to go in feet first”

vaginaIn an edition of "The RidicuList" that had the host struggling to keep a straight face, Anderson Cooper tells the tale of an American exchange student who got stuck in a sculpture of … yep … a vagina.

Ever the hard news aficionado, the "Anderson Cooper 360" host did take a moment to plant tongue inside of cheek and poke some fun at himself:

"I'm certainly no expert on the topic of vaginas," he giggled. "They really aren't my wheelhouse, so to speak. But I know enough to know that you are not supposed to go in feet first."

Smiling throughout, the host continued:

"Apparently this whole incident was part of a dare gone wrong," he noted. "A local German paper even made a forceps joke, which is always a nice touch, I think, in any language."

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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