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President Vladimir Putin Tops 2016 Republican Poll

Russia’s President Vladimir PutinRussia’s President Vladimir Putin is an early favorite among Republican voters to become the party’s presidential nominee in 2016, a new poll has found.

Since the crisis in Ukraine began, Putin has earned unexpected support from right-wing pundits who see him as a more respected leader than President Barack Obama.

A phone survey of 5,000 registered voters conducted this week showed Putin’s newfound popularity has trickled down to conservative Republican voters, 66 percent of whom favored him over other potential candidates.

Putin is everything Obama is not: decisive, tough, ballsy and quick thinking, said Birch Barlow, a Twitter political activist. Obama hasn’t even invaded any country; he just sends drones to do all the work.

Obama didn’t even kill Osama bin Laden; like a p***y, he sent the Marines to do it,added voter Carlton Banks, whose military expertise comes from reading The Weekly Standard. I bet Putin would have gone in alone and killed bin Laden with his bare hands. I like a candidate who is willing to kill for his country.

I really like that Putin isn’t intimidated by the liberal media, said Enid Gumby, a brain specialist. When the liberal media says bad things about Putin, he just gets rid of them. It’s something that’s long overdue in this country.


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